Thousands of servicemen saying no to covid 19 vaccine


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Feb 3, 2021
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If the OP is correct, we should soon see millions of people dropping dead soon from taking the vaccine.
I wish I was not correct but Bill gates and the elite are on their way to getting what they don’t hear it from the corporate controlled media of course but there at least hundreds around the country maybe even thousands possibly,not sure,but at least hundreds around the country thst have already died just within weeks after taking the shot,some have gotten distorted faces from doing so,coming on videos and talking about it crying warning people not to make the sane horrible mistake they made.

I pity the people I have seen come on This board and say they have taken the shot.if true,for your own sake, I hope they go to a herb store and try and detox themselves to try and get it out soon as they can.I would not wish for the pain and suffering that they are in for in the future on them. What I have seen in videos of a few people whose faces got badly distorted after taking the shot, I would not wish that on my worst enemy.

Not even the asswipe who keeps making up lies about me that I don’t have Jewish friends.
holy fuck. Do you even understand how science and medicine works?? This is why no one on the left should ever entertain any ideas from those on the right.

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