Donation for Server Hosting

Donation for Server Hosting

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💵 USMB Runs almost entirely off donations! 💵

We are reaching out to you, the heart and soul of the US Message Board community, with a humble request. Your unwavering dedication and insightful contributions have made this platform an invaluable space for open discussions and the exchange of ideas. As we continue to grow and evolve, we rely on your support to sustain and enhance the forum you know and love. Donations from members like you enable us to maintain the website's infrastructure, implement exciting new features, and ensure a secure and smooth browsing experience for everyone. By contributing to US Message Board, you're not just donating funds; you're investing in the intellectual growth of our community and fostering a vibrant environment for constructive conversations. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to our shared vision of an engaged and informed citizenry.

Please consider making a donation today and be a crucial part of shaping the future of this platform. Thank you for being a vital member of our community and for your generous support.

📭 Donations can also be mailed in. We accept all normal forms of payment for donation. If you would like to donate via mail, please send it to:
PO Box 3503
Cedar Park, TX, 78630

💳 Donations made via Credit Card are processed via Stripe ( and your CC information is never stored or captured by our servers.

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Warmest regards,
The Staff

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