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  • hahahah they just deleted that thread--HAHAH..yes, not only do they not like the truth, they try to hide their nazism
    I loved the album that your sig came from--I bought Cricklewood Green when it came out in '72. I was thinking about it as I listened to Mercedes Benz--Janis Joplin, yesterday. I had to laugh when the line "dialing for dollars is trying to reach me." I don't think many millenials would know what dialing for dollars was. LOL
    Did you fall of the planet? Are you still kicking?
    I'm still here Disir, just got a tad over my head busy, thx for asking ~S~
    Sparky can you please ZAP! me. And data transfer as I fry...- What does (ho9nored) mean?
    I googed it and now ask you for a information tranfer.
    Thank you.
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