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  • Hello! So I can't respond to your PM questions to me because you locked the conversation, see if you can unlock it!
    Hmmm,I don’t know how I locked it,will try to unlock it.
    Lucy Hamilton
    Lucy Hamilton
    I just looked and it's still locked.
    I just found out that we were long lost friends because I wondered why we weren't.. So anyway it's all settled now... all the best to you and yours and thanks...
    In answer to your question, I used to watch a lot of pro football a long, long time ago...... the Miami Dolphins glory days of Csonka, Kiick and Warfield. Not so much anymore.
    well you were better at being immune to his charisma that myself and many others thats for sure.I was happy to see him get elected back then but i was young and did not understand politics back then and had no idea how mistaken I was going to be.I was mad when carter got elected over ford back then and happy to see reagan get elected but man,it turns out,we would have been far better off with carter being reelected that reagan though as his policys STILL hurt us.
    Thank you. Reagan was a scoundrel whose legacy continues do damage the United States.

    I hate being told that he restored pride in country. I was ashamed of him before the world.

    I was completely immune to his charisma. It was too easy for me to imagine him in one of his B movies playing the role of a cavalry officer, flashing his "aw shucks" grin after massacring an Indian village.
    I noticed not that long ago you had 15 rep points and now you are back down to zero. You are wasting your time arguing with the trolls, sock puppets and the ignorant.
    some of the truthers say he is a gatekeeper for the elite,part of the controlled opposition, but i dont believe that for a second.He is not like michael moore at all who is part of that group.truthers have said that about him cause they say he never talks about isreals role in 9/11 or the vaticans but thats not true at all.

    Just recently i heard him on the radio telling the truth how isreal and the vatican are immune from prosecution.I just wish he wouldnt get so excited in his shows so much because many people tune him out because of that.He isnt level headed like the power hour people are.
    I am amazed at the energy you put into telling the truth. Good show.

    I just watched the movie "Terrorstorm" -- Alex Jones, Charlie Sheen. I don't know much about Jones. Is he a charlatan or a good man? He seemed pretty sensible in the movie.

    What do you think?
    "to answer your question on the 6000 posts but zero rep points its because as you can tell from my user name,i mostly post in the conspiracy section here and the majority of posters here are either trolls who have been brainwashed and cant stand to hear the truth on government corruption,that the CIA killed kennedy and were behind 9/11 as well so it makes them fell good about themselves to shoot the messenger because the truth hurts.theres a few other posters here at this site thats in the same boat as I am as well for the same reason,for speaking the truth they dont want to here".

    I was browsing around and came across this statement from you on George Costanza's vistor page and I'll say, well said 9/11 ISJ. You are absolutely right. Keep up the good work.

    Hey 9/11 ISJ: You da the man! I can see that you most definetely know that that events of 9/11 is an inside job of the highest levels. You are not a sheeple who bought into the lie Gomer Ollie, Moron-in-the-hat, Dawgshit, Candyass, Obamamerican, Predfan who is doing his best to flood this site with disinfo and to suppress the real truth.
    did you notice how troll frady cat jester is afraid of the truth about 9/11? lol and he thinks WE are the whackjobs when HE ignores the laws of physics that scientists have gone by for thousands of years? lol.He obviously slept through junior high school science classes and needs to go back to to junior

    he gots it the other way around,everything they have come up with has been debunked,were not the ones running off with our tails between our legs like the octas do when asked to address evidence and facts in and he claims they debunk us.He needs to start a comedy

    such hypocrisy as well.he is the one spitting on thse familys refusing to look at the evidence.

    I wonder why he hasnt sent YOU an hostile vistitor messages? thats strange. I guess he is obsessed with just me for some reason huh? lol.

    something im starting to wonder is why am I attracting the mods to my visitor place? thats interesting.
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