1. TheProgressivePatriot

    Churches played an active role in slavery and segregation.

    Show of hands please. How many of you here were taught about this in grade school. I sure was not. Next question. How many of you have children who are being taught about this? My guess is not many. More evidence that children are being short changed by only being exposed to a watered down...
  2. TheProgressivePatriot

    Civil rights probe launched after Ga. trooper charged with murder

    It keeps happening!! White cop shoot unarmed black man under questionable circumstances. This happened over a week again and has scarcely gotten any press! Why ? Where is the outrage? The only difference between this murder and that of George Floyd is that there is no third party video of it...
  3. Tom Paine 1949

    The Love Story That Changed America

    Their marriage in 1958 was illegal in their home state of Virginia and in over 20 other states. Nine years later, in June 1967, it was still illegal in every southern state when the Supreme Court finally ended laws outlawing “black” & “white” intermarriage and “miscegenation” in the USA. This...
  4. midcan5


    Just for a moment that the universe spun around and power changed but bigotry prejudice bias and hatred continued. Imagine. "...One did not have to be very bright to realize how little one could do to change one’s situation; one did not have to be abnormally sensitive to be worn down to a...
  5. Litwin

    "russia " Trying to Stoke U.S. Racial Tensions Before Election, Officials Say

  6. JGalt

    Happy Murder Year Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis

    Must have been something President Trump tweeted. Or those darned white conservative Christian gun-owning NRA members. They're the worst. "ST. LOUIS – 2020 started off on a deadly note in St. Louis. Five people were killed and nine others wounded within a 12-hour span in separate shootings..."...
  7. TheProgressivePatriot

    Georgia City Councilman Resigns After Claiming Interracial Marriage Is Wrong

    I would not have doubted that people like this still exist. What is shocking is that a person in a position of power and public trust believed that he could say this out loud and actually get away with it! Georgia City Councilman Resigns After Claiming Interracial Marriage Is Wrong Bible Belt...
  8. Dan Stubbs

    Seems no one has raised the Mixed Race question.

    There are a great many in the U.S. who are of Mixed Race yet the Left and Right has not addressed this question. My question is are they OK to claim minority protection or not. Some even pass as white. But those who pass are found out by background checks.
  9. Litwin

    Russia : collapse of the United States and the Pan-African State , starting a racial war in America

    question : does this putler´s plan have a chance ? what do you think? "The collapse of the United States and the "Pan-African State": how the staff of Prigogine dreamed of starting a racial war in America Africa will become a stronghold of anti-American "Negroid" racism, on the continent there...
  10. deanrd

    Media mistakenly attacks Pete Buttigieg over identity politics

    Pete Buttigieg says Donald Trump's white 'identity politics' contributing to a 'crisis of belonging' Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg confronted what he called a “crisis of belonging” in the country, criticizing President Donald Trump for using “white identity politics” – but also...
  11. Justin Richardson

    Think twice before calling cops on a “person of color”

    Grand Rapids mulls passing a law making it illegal to call the cops on a minority if it turns out that they weren’t actually doing anything wrong. Yes, I understand the concern that spawns this bill. But I’m not sure this is the right way to address it. The charge could result in up to a...
  12. G

    CDZ Do you think this black guy is unreasonable?

    He is accused of getting in theater via the exit. He can merely show his ticket AMC Manager Embarrasses Black Man He Wrongly Accused of Sneaking Into Movies: 'I Felt Very Ashamed' He can choose to show his ticket stub. He made a scene out of nothing.
  13. DOTR

    Appeals to white voters are racist and evil

    Oops. Sorry about the headline. Same principle applies though. Right? “...our approach is tailored to black people in the South...” Opinion | How to Turn a Person Into a Voter
  14. A

    Racial self-perceptions of whites compared to Asians

    (So I am the only one that has posted about Asian race issues???) Honestly of all racial groups, I find these two contest the most, especially these days as Asians are starting to climb the ladder of success at a rapid rate. Whites for obvious reasons (colonialism, being the majority and...
  15. G

    "When I see homeowners and car owners with a Blue Lives Matter flag, it sends chills up my spine"

    "Why can't these privileged white people understand that blue lives already matter? All we are asking is that the police stop killing unarmed black and brown bodies and understand that black lives matter too. That's all! "When I see homeowners and car owners with a Blue Lives Matter flag, it...
  16. G

    Athletes like these will save America racially, not Trump or Pence

    Trump and Pence can't bridge the racial divide. Athletes like these can. So what’s up with Chiefs’ Travis Kelce and girlfriend Kayla Nicole? Lots.
  17. G

    "Black people don't hate on white people. We for everybody"

    What do you think of some black progressives who say that they are not anti-police, anti-white, they are just protesting for Black Lives Matter?
  18. midcan5

    Race is a Myth

    Arnold Toynbee writes in his study of civilizations about the Black Magi, imagine for a moment if that were done today? The cries would come, 'political correctness'. It would be equivalent to 'happy holiday', which while a sign of respect for others has been made into a tool to divide. Images...
  19. A

    White, Asian and Black at school

    Is it harder to be white or Asian at an all black school, or neither or depends? I wonder because I'm the only Asian at an all black school and it is very hard, and you (at least I) only hear about such race relations at American schools between whites and blacks (e.g. "being white at an all...
  20. BookShaka

    Blacks & Illegals in America

    Interesting perspective.
  21. Darkman00

    Florida GOP Candidate Faked College Degree, University Says

    She ain't bad looking .... :) ---- GOP Candidate Faked College Degree, University Says GOP Candidate Faked College Degree, University Says
  22. Dan Stubbs

    CDZ Coming to your Street from the Progressive (Fair Housing)

    Here’s an amusing—and unbelievable—story about the most overtly communist agency in the U.S. government financing its own attacks with taxpayer money. A nonprofit that receives millions of dollars from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is suing the agency in federal court for...
  23. W

    Race Statistics are Overvalued

    Many have argued that race is not real and I would both agree and disagree. Race is real in a similar way to how state boundaries are real. Races are subjective categories defined by imaginary lines that define some people by skin color, some by ancestral origins, and some by community...
  24. Litwin

    Facebook to give Congress thousands of ads bought by "Russians" during election

    "topics such as immigration, LGBT rights and race" so finally, my question is will Olgino and "the Useful idiots" still deny Putler´s involvement in 2016 election or they will change the tactic? " Facebook will provide to Congress the contents of 3,000 advertisements purchased by Russians...
  25. American_Jihad

    Bad News For Race Hustlers

    The real America and the left can't understand it or don't want to... HARVEY SHOWS AMERICA'S COLORBLIND SPIRIT -- BAD NEWS FOR RACE HUSTLERS Crisis reveals the real face of the American people. September 8, 2017 Larry Elder Hurricane Harvey reveals an America that many in the media seem...
  26. Chuz Life

    I don't "get" the whole race tension thing.

    I don't "get" the whole race tension thing. It's not because of shock, disbelief or even apathy. I can't explain it but even though I can comprehend all the working components - the rallies, riots, tensions and flare ups still make no sense to me at all. Is anyone with me on this?
  27. IM2

    NAACP issues first-ever travel advisory for a state: Missouri

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. _ NAACP officials say their recent travel advisory for Missouri is the first that the civil rights group has issued for any state. But the warning follows a recent trend of similar alerts issued by other groups for vulnerable people around the United States. The travel...
  28. Dan Stubbs

    CDZ Prison break down by race.

    There are 45,493 foreign-born inmates currently in BOP custody, of which 3,939 are U.S. citizens (either naturalized or derivative). Of the remaining 41,554 foreign-born inmates (aliens):Approximately 22,541 (54.2 percent) are aliens for which final immigration orders have been issued for their...
  29. IceNine

    An immigrant on welfare: not exactly what you thought it would look like?

    I am not a U.S. citizen, but merely an immigrant. That doesn't stop me from receiving government handouts, however. You could probably call me a welfare recipient, and that would be accurate. The funds in question that are given to me come out of a yearly $134 billion budget, "larger than the...
  30. MindWars

    VIDEO: NBC predicts race war; tells Americans they have no hope

    Video: NBC Predicts Race War; Tells Americans They Have No Hope

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