How is this suppose to be overcome again?


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Jun 21, 2014
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Kievan Rus'
Does anybody doubt Soros&Co will do their best to keep their puppet in the WH after Obama the clown moves out of it? They've been building this world to suit themselves since the USSR collapse or even earlier. They have spent lots of money, they have brought bunch of their puppets to power in many countries (including this one), they have brainwashed millions of people so that those people could feel comfortable in artificially created "reality" and if Trump wins, all that expensive construction will collapse and they will become nobody.

Trump said: "On January,20 all Americans will wake up in a different world!" But so will Soros&Co. And what will be good for the majority of Americans won't necessary be good for Soros&Co. President Trump is their worst nightmare, that's why the rest of the Americans need him so much.

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May 8, 2011
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How is this suppose to be overcome again?
It isn't supposeD to be overcome. We have this thing totally rigged. There is nothing you little nazi fucks can do about it at this point. Now excuse me while I place my 7th --- but not final by a longshot --- vote for today.


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Jan 21, 2010
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We the people shall overcome by divine forgiveness and correction. The more we forgive, the more grace power and wisdom we have to make those corrections.

God or universal laws of truth and justice
are working through this democratic process
to help uplift all people in it or touched by it.
To change the hearts and minds of Clinton and Trump, Cruz and Obama, all people of all parties and all sides and nations.

Let us use this process to bring about correction unity and reform in the name of Justice and Peace which Christian call Christ Jesus.

Anything negative can be used for positive by asking for help to make that happen, and lending support where the weak the fearful or angry are being abused politically. Let's not allow any neighbor to be enslaved or entrapped by politics. Please work with peers, find solutions and invest your energy and taxation and representation toward those solutions and don't waste those precious resources fighting except fighting to overcome barriers to unity and success. We help each other to rebuild, and all sides are right in demanding corrections to what has gone wrong. Let us not deny wrongs, but agree to correct all grievances instead of censoring each other.

More peace and power to all. Help your neighbor to win and don't attack someone who is suffering and afraid. Be humble and wise, and act in good faith to rebuild working relations, bridges and whole communities.

Thank you everyone for being here. Let's do this, what you do what you lead is just as important as Trump or Clinton and anyone in office. You and I can't do what they do, and neither can they do what you are called to do which is unique and important.

I support you as a concerned fellow American to find your highest purpose in this, and to organize all resources around you to achieve the highest goals for mutual benefit of all
Thank you and God bless!

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