Bishops pass guidelines to gay ministry

The bishops also state that children of gay Catholics can undergo baptism and receive other sacraments in most cases if they are being raised in the faith.

That brings to question - how can children POSSIBLY be raised in the faith, if their "parents" are teaching them homoseuxality is not sinful? Contradiction?

Gay outreach must include teaching that is "welcoming yet challenging, loving but firm in the truth," they said.

That's right-on. In fact, ANY sinful-behaviour-oriented outreach must challenge those caught in their sin to seek God's help to rise above their condition.
I saw this as well. the gay activists rejected it immediately. They didnt even bother reading it.

As with any Christian Church, the Catholic Church has a commandment to reach out to all people and invite them to repentence. There is one standard to all people. For some reason gays seem to think this standard doesnt apply to them and that they are being treated unfair by requiring EXACTLY THE SAME STANDARD AS EVERYONE ELSE.
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Yes but isn't that really the same with all of these "groups"? that includes race, color and creed. Really bottom line is this we all put our drawers on the same way: We pull them up so we all need to get over it already. Of course easier said than done.
But first how can we point at the gay life style when we have priest who are doing god knows what to the people in the church?

That's a HORRIBLE assumption. Do you realize the fallacy of your argument?
FWIW, Priests who molest boys are 'gay' anyway.

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