1. J

    A fatal flaw with the security of mail-in ballots . . . no chain of custody

    . Let us keep in mind, with in-person voting and adequate ID we know the person in the booth is filling out the ballot. With mail-in ballots, there is no practical way to know if the one who filled out a mailed-in ballot and made the choices thereon and sent it in, is the qualified and...
  2. J

    The shocking truth about 20,000 mail-in ballots in Fulton County, GA

    . During election night, November 4, 2020, CNN reported Georgia's Fulton County still has 20,000 mail-in ballots left to count: The shocking truth is, not one of these 20,000 mailed in ballots which had been introduced into the system, was scrutinized when counted, to verify if these...
  3. HaShev

    When will regulators require web sites to....

    I noticed a lot of web sites (like service types) that feed off users to monetize their customer base are avoiding being transparent with required business information and contact info, but also now the trend is to not have a profile removal link or ability to remove yourself (like after you see...
  4. The Original Tree

    Biden Admits, He's Putin and Xi's Puppet

    If Biden isn't in charge who is? Well, if you look at his biggest donors over the years, it's been China, and Russia via the Ukraine. As we told you, Biden is a fraud who was installed via Maduro, using the same methods and is nothing but a puppet controlled by foreign and domestic financiers...
  5. georgephillip

    Time to Ban Cryptocurrencies?

    In this article the author makes the claim today's cryptocurrencies are "high-tech successors to the chaos of 'free banking' in the 19th century..." The Free Banking Era "If we want the benefits of digital currency transactions without the risks, one idea discussed at today’s hearing of the...
  6. T

    CDZ What would it take to change your mind re: 2020?

    A simple question: What, specifically, would change your mind regarding the legitimacy/illegitimacy of the 2020 election? Or, if a complete change is too much, what specifically would make you seriously question and reconsider your current view? Is there anything? I've taken to asking this...
  7. The Original Tree

    Fake Show Dog, Bites Fake Show President Well the dog bit someone and it might as well be Quid Pro, Senile Joe. I believe his handlers at the UN, XI and Putin are now coming up with an alternate scheme to make the most disliked basement dwelling fraud of a president more...
  8. J

    PA law makers move to end illegal no-excuse mail in voting which poisoned 2020 election

    . See: Pennsylvania GOP Moves to Repeal No-Excuse Mail-In Ballot Provisions January 22, 2021 Sens. Patrick Stefano and Doug Mastriano said in a Jan. 21 memorandum, “By removing the provisions of law that allow for no-excuse mail-in ballots, we can regain some trust in our elections’...
  9. Chuz Life

    Which is it? CDZ Poll and Discussion

    Mod note: Hot retail political topics still warring on the boards are NEVER good CDZ topics.. And there are a dozens of threads ALREADY open and active on this topic.. CDZ Rules apply. Please vote in the poll and then let's have a discussion about the EVIDENCE between these two specific...
  10. TheProgressivePatriot

    Oath Keepers Plan ‘Bloody Civil War’ If Trump Leaves Office

    Folks, instead of dwelling on-and giving creedance to- debunken and bizarre conspiacy theories about a stolen election, THIS is what we should be concerned about. It is those very allegations of voter fraud, being fueled by Trump and his moronic minions that spawns this sort of rhetoric that may...
  11. B

    The Georgia Recount is a Travesty

    Not only the mistake of 9000 votes, but a shortage of Republican poll watchers. Georgia Republican Poll Watcher Discovered Recount Error Off By More Than 9,000...
  12. TheProgressivePatriot

    Stop the Steal’ Movement Will ‘Force’ States Biden Won to Send Republican Electors to Electoral College,

    Sure they will. If you read this hogwash, you will realize that they do not actually have a plan or a means to do that They are...
  13. The Original Tree

    Massive Election Fraud is not going away and neither is Tony Bobulinski

    The Democrat Party in general is corrupt. We know that. They colluded with Russia, and Now China to impact the results of the 2016, 2018, and 2020 elections. There are thousands of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury of both voter fraud and election fraud. Does lefty really think...
  14. The Original Tree

    Democracy & Justice Dying on The Vine in America

    Glenn Beck sums up exactly how I and the honest average man feels It is also why I feel as a Christian that we are in the age of prophecy where “The Mystery of Lawlessness is revealed” and are heading like a freight train in to the final Biblical prophecies as revealed in books like Isaiah...
  15. The Original Tree

    The Election was hacked with QSnatch Virus

    Like Layers of an onion. My opinion is that the election needs to be invalidated and we need to vote again. It may be possible that the Democrat Party did not steal The Election intentionally, but a foreign power like China fixed the election for China Joe, but I doubt it...
  16. R

    The End of Democracy In The USA

    I suspect both the democrats and the media of cheating to elect Joe Biden. Trump should keep fighting. If there's a chance that cheating is involved, Trump should fight it all the way. He should fight because of the principle. Put yourself in Trump's shoes. If you were President and you...
  17. R

    Pray About Possible Cheating

    If you believe that the democrats cheated to elect Joe Biden, you should pray. If his victory was unfair, God is the only one who can help us now. If you have any doubts about Biden winning, please pray. I'm not sure that the democrats did cheat but if they did, it was pretty underhanded. I'm...
  18. The Original Tree

    SCOTUS weighs in on PA

    Breaking News. SCOTUS is already weighing in.
  19. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden, if he steals this election will be the most despised President in US History.

    There is massive voter fraud going on. The Democrats extended the misery of 2020, and NO ONE ELSE through their crooked schemes and extra legal extension of the election in contradiction with election law. No one is going to trust this election. Millions of fraudulent ballots are turning up...
  20. TheHardTruth

    Lethal Threat to our Democray--- Universal Mail in Ballots David J. Freed, U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Pennsylvania, announced on Thursday afternoon that his office had opened an inquiry into the disposal of nine...
  21. Cellblock2429

    AP reports: Still no results from NY June Primary mail in voting.

    Even the Lib AP admits mail-in voting doesn't work, but you know democRATs will push for it this November to create chaos. NY Mail-In Voting Deluge Fuels Uncounted Ballots, Confusion
  22. ChemEngineer

    Al Gore's New Book - Our Choice

    I read Earth in the Balance by Al Gore. The Eco-Hypocrite flew around the world to proclaim how bad... flying around the world and burning nasty, toxic, poisonous fossil fuel is. It was fraught with errors as virtually all Leftist books are. His newest fraud is Our Choice. Gore's fraud begins...
  23. Billy_Bob

    Agenda Driven Research is the Problem.... Great Barrier Reef Recovered 80%

    Now this is telling. Several papers and quality control checks show that many of the recent papers on the Great Barrier Reef exaggerated the damage by a factor of ten. Independent scientists did their own research and found the GBR to be over 80% healed from a minor uptick in water temp, which...
  24. Conservative American


    Though Omar has denied the allegations in the past, dismissing them as baseless rumors, the issue was first raised in an online Somali politics forum and championed by conservative bloggers during her 2016 campaign for the Minnesota House. The video you're about to watch shows multiple...
  25. JGalt

    Why Russia?

    We've been hearing for over the last two years how "Russian trolls/bots are trying to influence our elections with their propaganda." I also expect that we'll be hearing it more as the 2020 election grown near. But I can't for the life of me figure out the logic behind that often-repeated...
  26. georgephillip

    Profit, Fraud, Deception Drove Cold War "Defense" Spending.

    Perhaps you still believe "national security" was behind the billion$ of taxpayer dollars that went to for-profit defense contractors between 1945 and Fukuyama's End of History? Cold War Radar System a Trillion Dollar Fraud - Lester Ernest on RAI (1/4) "Profit and deception drove cold-war...
  27. justinacolmena

    Healthcare REITs. Shut up unless you're buying!

    The worst of the worst financial crooks. Health Care REITs | Nareit Five Best Healthcare REITs to Buy Now 5 Top Healthcare REITs You Can Buy Right Now -- The Motley Fool Top 20 REIT - Healthcare Facilities Stocks For Dividend Income - These Realitors, Landlords, and Doctors...
  28. deanrd

    Is anyone watching this breaking news on allegation of Trump committing tax evasion and fraud?

    They are saying Trump wasn't self made. But actually got hundreds of millions of dollars from his dad and who had to bail him out of bankruptcy again and again. Way more than we were ever told. Links to follow.
  29. Papageorgio

    Pelosi Claims Mueller Was "Fired" In Bizzare Email to Raise Money From Donors

    So in an era of fake news, Pelosi tries to use her own fake news to con people out of their money. Her email amounts to fraud. Pelosi claims Mueller was ‘fired’ in bizarre email to donors Time for her and all career politicians to go, they are all shameless whores.

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