1. TheProgressivePatriot

    'You don’t care': Twitter bulldozes Ted Cruz for defending guns while 'praying' for Club Q victims

    Ted Cruz once again proves that he is an asshole The prevalence of guns along with the anti-gay rhetoric on the right equals tragedy
  2. Dante Reawakened

    Repeal the 2nd Amendment?

    Could we, should we, get rid of tbe 2nd Amendment? This thread is not about me personally favoring, and advocating the banning all gun ownership. I have had a permit (recent), to carry concealed. Though banning all ownership of weapons or restricting ownership is part of the question(s)...
  3. toobfreak

    Joe & the Democrats Have Your 2A Back

    Don't worry. Your 2A rights are safe and in good hands and always will be with Joe and the democrats watching over them. Nothing like an old shooter like Joe to understand the needs and concerns of today's citizen. :smoke:
  4. tyroneweaver

    That didn't take long. HR 127

    Joe Biden and you won't over come 85 million gun owners
  5. Chuz Life

    The Questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is underway

    Watch it Live Here: WATCH: Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing - Day 2 So far, I think she is outperforming expectations.
  6. JGalt

    It was only 7 months ago....

    ...that Walmart enacted a store-wide policy of prohibiting the open carry of firearms in their stores, and to pull off the shelves all of the handgun ammunition and ammo that could be used in what they considered an "assault weapon"... "Walmart CEO Doug McMillon issued a memo Tuesday that...
  7. protectionist

    Should Young Minorities Be Allowed To Buy Guns ?

    As much as I am against gun control, I do believe criminals (those with records) shouldn't be free to buy guns. Their records should be public information, and available to gun sellers. This wasn't the case with Nicolas Cruz, the Parkland Massacre killer, whose criminal activity was covered...
  8. JGalt

    Wanna see how 1124 rounds of 9mm starts out?

    First you have to de-prime and re-size the cases. Took me all morning on this single stage RCBS press, but the job is done. Next they go into the vibrating case tumbler so they're all pretty and shiny. Then comes separating them by manufacturer, checking them for splits and cracks, measuring...
  9. JGalt

    44 Magnum

    Got bored today so I loaded up 100 rounds of .44 mag. I used Hornady 240 grain XTP JHP behind 19.6 grains of Alliant 2400 and Winchester WLP primers. The OAL was 1.608" and the measured velocity averaged around 1343 fps. That's a full magnum load and gives 957 foot pounds of energy through the...
  10. JGalt

    Happy Murder Year Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis

    Must have been something President Trump tweeted. Or those darned white conservative Christian gun-owning NRA members. They're the worst. "ST. LOUIS – 2020 started off on a deadly note in St. Louis. Five people were killed and nine others wounded within a 12-hour span in separate shootings..."...
  11. JGalt

    Attention W@lmart Shoppers: Great Deals on Closeout Ammunition

    As you probably heard, Walmart is going to quit selling any ammunition that goes in a handgun or short-barreled rifle. I read on another discussion board how people were getting good deals the last couple days, so I decided to check it out. I reload most of the ammo I shoot, but I did walk away...
  12. JGalt

    Almost 18 MILLION AR-15 Rifles Now in American Hands

    422 million guns out there in America, 17,740,000 of which are AR-15 variants. Of course, you probably want to take this story with a grain of salt. The number is more than likely higher, considering how many are being built from parts and kits. "AR-15s and other similar rifles may remain a...
  13. JGalt

    Gun Range Day - 11/5/19

    Beautiful day for a trip to the public range: Sunny and a high of 33 degrees today. I found a good deal on 500-round bricks of Aguila .22 Super Extra ammo at $25 per brick, so I bought 5 of them. It has a 40 grain solid point bullet that's rated at 1,255 feet per second, and is made in Mexico...
  14. JGalt

    Today's flea market gun find

    An Eibar "Liberty" Model 1924 pistol in .25 ACP. The predecessor to these was the Model 1914, and they were made in Spain. The Model 1914 was in 7.65x17mm (,32 ACP) and was exported to France for use in the military. This model is the commercial version made after WWI. It holds nine rounds of...
  15. JGalt

    Some goober set off a large quantity of Tannerite near where I live

    Ten pounds. It made the local news. :laughing0301: RICHLAND CENTER (WKOW) — An explosion was heard and felt throughout the city of Richland Center on Saturday evening. Richland County Dispatch got several calls about an explosion being heard and felt by residents in Richland Center and just...
  16. JGalt

    A mediocre day at the range is better than a good day anywhere else

    I've had this 1978 Ruger Standard .22 pistol for about 10 years now. Iron sights are the shits, so I picked up a scope mount and a used Burris FastFire II red-dot reflex sight at the gun show two weekends ago. The mount cost me $5.00 and I gave $15 for the sight. I got to sight it in this...
  17. JGalt

    San Francisco Backs Down AFter NRA Lawsuit

    The communists lost one today, although I think they didn't lose hard enough. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors actually committed a felony when they tried to pass the resolution that called for the city to investigate ties between its contractors and vendors and the NRA. The city also...
  18. deanrd

    Most GOP respondents — 55 percent — were in favor of training and arming teachers.

    Majority of voters oppose arming teachers President Trump has touted arming teachers as a solution to combating the rise of gun violence. Last year, the president endorsed several National Rifle Association-backed proposals to give teachers guns. House Democrats have passed a number of...
  19. toobfreak

    City of San Francisco Sued

    This is the week for suing big-mouth fascist liberal organizations. First Rachael Madcow and the cracked Far Left lying Wingnuts of MSNBC get sued for 10 million dollars for making the insidious claim that a competing conservative news network actually worked for Russia just because it...
  20. Old Man Grumbles

    New Jersey law banning large capacity magazines falls flat

    New Jersey’s “large-capacity” magazine ban hasn’t resulted in lawmakers’ desired effect as no magazines have been turned over and the state’s residents are reportedly hiding the banned magazines. When the magazine ban went into effect in December of last year, state officials encouraged...
  21. JGalt

    The Offical "Walmart Discontinues Some Ammo Sales" thread

    So they really went full retard. Like Shotgun Willy said in the movie "Tropic Thunder", "Never go full retard." After hearing on the news this morning that Walmart was going to discontinue selling handgun and any ammunition that could be used in a "short-barreled rifle", and that they would no...
  22. deanrd

    This is why Republicans are wrong wanting a "GREAT" leader like Vladimir Putin

    What we know -- and don't -- about the mysterious Russian missile explosion The explosion of a suspected Russian nuclear-powered cruise missile last week has caused a lot of confusion and anxiety, fueled in part by Russian authorities' continuing secrecy around the accident. Local authorities...
  23. deanrd

    Are Republicans about to call the police traitors and anti-American?

    LAPD chief among nation's top cops who ask Congress to ban assault weapons Police chiefs call for assault weapons ban Republicans never bothered to ask the police if they want to face assault weapons.
  24. JGalt

    With this last bunch of mass shootings, what happened to Little Davie Hogg?

    He seems to be as invisible as Where's Waldo. Maybe you can spot him in this picture. Oh wait: There he is... :laughing0301: David Hogg (activist) - Wikipedia
  25. OKTexas

    It's Time To Contact The President And Congress

    Every one who thinks there should be no compromise on the 2nd Amendment needs to tell the White House and your congress critters directly, NOW! Here's how to email the White House. Contact the White House | The White House Be respectful but firm. If you don't know how to contact your...
  26. Invisibleflash

    Americans...the shootings wont go down...they will just keep going up.

    All you have to do is to look at the trends in mass shootings to prove me right. Guns are not the issue. People going off the edge is the issue. When I was a kid growing up in the 50's and 60's we didn't have any mass shootings. We had plenty of guns to kill people with. The mass shootings all...
  27. Old Man Grumbles

    Baltimore Mayor Gives an Alternative Suggestion to decrease gun violence

    During a Sunday speech at an anti-gun violence rally, Mayor Bernard "Jack" Young — who took office after Catherine Pugh resigned in May amid scandal — advocated organized fights as a means to solve disputes without using weapons. "There's mediation. If they wanna really settle them, we can have...
  28. toobfreak

    The Left: Absolutely Committed To Grabbing All Youtr Guns

    For years I've heard it all: "WE DON'T WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS, WE JUST WANT COMMON SENSE REGULATIONS!" All the Derps here have repeated this lie over and over. Now revealed: Kamala Harris, the "If You Vote For Me, I'll Promised To Get Guns Off The Streets" candidate. Kamala Harris will call...
  29. JGalt

    This weekend's garage sale gun finds

    Hasn't been too bad of a weekend, I liberated three firearms from the hands of some goobers at three different yard sales. Most people don't put guns on the yard sale tables and when they do, they're over-priced. That's why I ask at every garage sale if they have any guns... The one in the...
  30. JGalt

    Ok girls: "Light days" vs. "Heavy days" - What do you carry for them?

    Every girl knows that every day could be different. Some days the bloodletting might be fairly light, and other days is might be "heavy." Obviously you could carry something to remedy either situation but as every girl knows, there's not always enough room in her purse, pocket, or whatever. So...

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