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  1. Cellblock2429

    Will Dems blame Dementia Joe for blowing up the debt with his stimulus plan, like they did Trump?

    Or will the hypocritical, two faces democRATs forget all about the debt?
  2. S

    Biden’s 2021 inaugural will be low keyed

    Biden’s 2021 inaugural will be low keyed; his 2025 inaugural parade and balls will be blasts!! Respectfully, Supposn
  3. Chuz Life

    Which is it? CDZ Poll and Discussion

    Mod note: Hot retail political topics still warring on the boards are NEVER good CDZ topics.. And there are a dozens of threads ALREADY open and active on this topic.. CDZ Rules apply. Please vote in the poll and then let's have a discussion about the EVIDENCE between these two specific...
  4. toobfreak

    Biden Fears Secret Service Out To Get Him, To Have Own Private Team

    Joe Biden in one of his first acts as POTUS means to unemploy the current team of Secret Service putting them out of work afraid that they might be loyal to Trump. Now Joe is afraid of his own shadow. Maybe he thinks the Secret Service will inject him with the virus or put a pillow over his...
  5. toobfreak

    World Senses Growing U.S. Weakness In Post-Trump World

    Trump doesn't even have one foot out the door yet and our enemies sense the growing weakness of the USA with the incoming Biden bunch. One of our major bases in Afghanistan was just attacked and I expect next year, China will be making incursions knowing we'll back down. This fraud election...
  6. TheProgressivePatriot

    Oath Keepers Plan ‘Bloody Civil War’ If Trump Leaves Office

    Folks, instead of dwelling on-and giving creedance to- debunken and bizarre conspiacy theories about a stolen election, THIS is what we should be concerned about. It is those very allegations of voter fraud, being fueled by Trump and his moronic minions that spawns this sort of rhetoric that may...
  7. georgephillip

    Will Biden Stop Creating Terrorists?

    Biden has always favored "counterterrorism" over "counterinsurgency" since the former relies on abandoning large-scale US deployments in favor of air strikes and "kill or capture" raids by special forces. For those committed to "counterterrori$m" it would seem one thing you can not afford to...
  8. Litwin

    Biden brings a new US challenge to Putin’s backyard . "Russian" influence under threat in its own back yard

    Great news ! God Bless the USA and mr Biden ! , as i wrote befoe With cost of “black gold” at 15-23 dollars per barrel, the USSR economy collapsed, and the sovok itself collapsed, and the "golden" horde ("russia") budget can only be fulfilled only with oil price at $ 42.4 and higher, Mr Biden...
  9. toobfreak

    Funniest Inauguration Day Ever!

    Gee, I just realized that if Joe is finally found to be the official winner of the election and made president, can you imagine what an inauguration it will be? The smallest in history? From the candidate with no campaign, empty rallies and no one who actually voted FOR him, can you imagine...
  10. B

    "Four Republican state senators call for special session to review Georgia voting system"

    "Furthermore, we need to address directives from the Secretary of State and State Election Board that attempt to replace conditions of Georgia law," said Tuesday's joint statement from Sens. Greg Dolezal, R-Cumming; William Ligon, R-Brunswick; Brandon Beach, R- Alpharetta; and Burt Jones...
  11. Litwin

    "America Is Back In The Game": Joe Biden To World Leaders

    does it mean end for the world despots like Putin ? yes , Putin will be hanged , like the bloody dog (sadam ) was in Iraq No way, Biden will do one more reset with ozero/KGB gang " "I'm letting them know that America is back. We're going to be back in the game. It's not America alone," Biden...
  12. B

    The Georgia Recount is a Travesty

    Not only the mistake of 9000 votes, but a shortage of Republican poll watchers. Georgia Republican Poll Watcher Discovered Recount Error Off By More Than 9,000...

    2 million more registered voters than there are elegible voters in the U.S. ?

    Is it true that there are nearly 2 million more registered voters than there are eligible voters?
  14. georgephillip

    Low Income Voters (>$50,000/year) Put Joe in the White House

    What percentage of voters earning less than $50,000 a year would you classify as political "moderates"? How many of those voters would benefit from Medicare for All or partial amortization of all student debt? "NOVEMBER 13, 2020 Low Income Voters Turned Out for Biden, Now They Need Relief BY...
  15. Fiero425

    Biden wins Arizona, boosting margin of victory over Trump!

    Biden wins Arizona, boosting margin of victory over Trump: Edison Research - Biden wins Arizona, boosting margin of victory over Trump: Edison Research - Biden wins Arizona, boosting margin of victory over Trump: Edison Research Democrat Joe Biden defeated U.S. President Donald Trump in...
  16. The Original Tree

    Democracy & Justice Dying on The Vine in America

    Glenn Beck sums up exactly how I and the honest average man feels It is also why I feel as a Christian that we are in the age of prophecy where “The Mystery of Lawlessness is revealed” and are heading like a freight train in to the final Biblical prophecies as revealed in books like Isaiah...
  17. N

    Win a Trump Card or Fall Back to Obama-Biden Spectrum of Virus/GeneManip/TransGender/War/Islamist Terror/Ferguson+ Horrors ?

    The Recent "Come Back" of Barack Hussein Obama, serving as ...Emergency Crutches-provider to Biden's "Sleepy" Electoral Campaign, (too Often Closed into a Basement), withOut having Anything New to Propose, But Only Miserably Attempting to ...Exploit the Pandemic in order to Cowardly and UnJustly...
  18. WarmPotato

    Joe Biden Endorsed A Candidate Who Blogged About 4-year old girls in THONGS

    Michigan Democrat Jon Hoadley has previously blogged about a variety of illegal activities that cast doubt on his image as a clean-cut politician. He loves unprotected gay sex, methamphetamines, alcoholic romps around the town, and so much more. He's also called straight women "Breeders" and...
  19. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden will lose Pennsylvania

    Just like in 2016, The Pollsters are lying to you to discourage voter turn out for President Trump. They narrow their points gap margins only immediately before the election so as to appear a little less inaccurate, so as to give a false cloak of legitimacy to their mission, and that is to...
  20. TheProgressivePatriot

    Conspiracy Theorist Dave Daubenmire Claims Democrats Have a Secret Plan to Make Obama President Again

    Hey !! Sounds good to me. This guy is a nut case I'm sure that there has not been such a plan. However, he has planted a seed and maybe it will grow. Now...
  21. B

    What POSITIVE things has Joe Biden accomplished in 47 years?? What NEGATIVE things??

    Full disclosure, I am a TRUMP SUPPORTER, but, in the Spirit of hoping for an informative thread, I am gonna start out with a POSITIVE. Biden VOTED yes for the confirmation of Clarence Thomas to be a Supreme Court Justice.
  22. Litwin

    terrible news from Moscow´s poodles , Biden says Russian empire is the biggest threat to America's security

    terrible news from Moscow´s poodles , Biden says Russian empire is the biggest threat to America's security. question, to all patriots , how Moscow´s thugs have to be stopped ? I say oil - gas sanctions !!! With cost of “black gold” at 15-23 dollars per barrel, the USSR economy collapsed...
  23. J

    Biden publicly insults Pennsylvanians and African Americans

    While holding a rally in PA, Biden calls Pennsylvanians who don't support him “chumps", and in his very next sentence says “Look, we got to come together”. And, let us not forget when Biden asserted if Blacks don’t vote for him, then they are not Black! And if that is not enough...
  24. J

    Could Joe Biden be correct about us having a “dark winter”?

    During last night’s debate, Joe Biden warned “We’re about to go into a dark winter”. . . Of course, any thinking person who has heard Biden’s commitment to shut down our fossil fuel industry,[coal, gas, oil and end fracking] which provides the fuel for our nation’s power plants that heat...
  25. J

    Joe Biden’s big fat lie. I will not raise taxes on those earning less than $400K

    See: Joe Biden’s big lie, that he will not raise taxes on those earning less than $400K, is rope-a-dope Orwellian Newspeak Keep in mind corporations, and small businesses, getting stuck with a tax on incomes above $400,000, simply pass it off in the form of higher priced goods and...
  26. J

    Joe Biden caught in another lie! Boilermakers Union does not support socialist Joe Biden

    See Joe Biden saying he is endorsed by the Boilermakers Union, and John Hughes, Boilermakers union member, saying Joe Biden’s claim that he received an endorsement from the International Boilermakers Union is false. Joe Biden falsely claimed an endorsement from the Boilermakers union...
  27. B

    What are the best POLITICAL ISSUE(s) for the REPUBLICAN Party to Blitz Joe Biden on??

    I will list some possibilities. 1) His RACISM 2) His CORRUPTION 3) His AGE 4) His WAR-MONGERING 5) His TIES TO FAKE NEWS 6) His GRANT MONEY to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
  28. B

    So It Turns Out BIDEN was LYING all along about wearing masks saving lives "New CDC Study Finds Majority of Those Infected with COVID-19 ‘Always’ Wore Masks California’s BYD mask deal inked with mask data in question" By Katy Grimes, October 13, 2020...
  29. B

    FAKE NEWS is on the PRESIDENTIAL BALLOT...thanks to Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden is such a pathetic politician, that after 43 years in Public Service he has very little he can point to as an accomplishment, MUCH to criticize, and must rely on FAKE NEWS to give his campaign its issues. Examples of FAKE NEWS...The Russian Collusion Hoax, the $750.00 paid income tax...

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