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Win a Trump Card or Fall Back to Obama-Biden Spectrum of Virus/GeneManip/TransGender/War/Islamist Terror/Ferguson+ Horrors ?

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Nov 7, 2016
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The Recent "Come Back" of Barack Hussein Obama, serving as ...Emergency Crutches-provider to Biden's "Sleepy" Electoral Campaign, (too Often Closed into a Basement), withOut having Anything New to Propose, But Only Miserably Attempting to ...Exploit the Pandemic in order to Cowardly and UnJustly Hit President Trump behind the Back with too much Lies, Astonishingly Coincided, also, with the Re-Appearance of a Lot of Various Converging Negative Events, which Reminded the Horrors that American and Other People had Suffered in the Past, during an Awful and UnPopular Obama-Biden long forgone Era... A Large Majority of People certainly does Not want to Risk to be Obliged to Return Back at a so "Dark" Past !
He Just pointed his Face at a TV Screen, Barack Hussein, after all this Time wthOut him, (2017-2020), and he Suddenly ..."Attracted", Anew, even Deadly Islamist Terrorism, Cowardly Targetting Civilian People, as it was, notoriously, almost the Rule, Back when Obama-Biden were at the White House !...

=Suddenly, a School-Teacher is atrociously DeCapitated in France, Followed by 2 Women, similary Murdered inside a Christian Church, But also by a Deadly Attack against a Jewish Synagogue at Wien, Austria, after Recent Attempts even in Russia (Moscow, Chechnya, etc)...

= This, Obviously, Reminds a Dark Past, during Barack Hussein Obama's presidency, when Brutal Killings of Civilian People by Islamist Terrorists used to Spread all over the place, inside USA, in Europe, and elsewhere in the World.

- But President Don Trump managed to decisively Face such a Phenomenon, Succesfully Winning the War against ISIS' "Khaliphate" in Syria and Iraq, added to a Firm and Efficient Control on USA's External Borders.

+ In Addition, No more "Islamic Centers" Threatening to provocatively Open Even Near New York's "Ground Zero" area, Facing the 9/11 Massacre's Memorial Monument, as it had been Notoriously Threatened during Obama-Biden's era, Provoking the Islamist Terrorism Victims' Families to Revolt...
+ But, anOther Serious Threat against Human Lives of Innocent People are those Strange "VIRUS", of Officialy UnKnown Origin, with a Novel Genome, of an UnPrecedented (i.e. "New") Kind, which Suddenly Appear "out of the blue", Startig to Kill too Many People, provoking a big Scare, and Rapidly Spreading almost All over the World, transformed en "Pandemics" :

- The FIRST one Notoriously Occured during ...Obama-Biden's era, and, even, almost Right from the Beginning : i.e. Already Since the 1st Half of 2009 !

It seems to have Originated Near a US California Labo adjacent to Mexico's Borders, but it Soon Spread almost Everywhere in the World, Killing Many People : It's the "H1N1" Virus, (Never Seen Before, as such).

>>> It Might have been Provoked, inter alia, f.ex. also by Genetic Manipulations, Since it Occured Shortly After Obama took the very Controversial Decision to Authorize Genetic Manipulations on Human Embryos, Already as Early as Since ...March 2009, i.e. in the First Measure of his Presidency (sic !), which had been Heavily Funded particularly by "Big Pharma" Corporations, among which, the Most Immediately Interested in such kind of Genetic Manipulations was Located at California... + In Addition, Viruses were Often Genetically Manipulated at various Labos, under several Pretexts, (mainly Because they can be Exploited as "Vectors" Penetrating Inside the Human Genome, whose Manipulations Notoriously Often Provoke Cancers and/or Various Other Health Troubles).

=> So that it was really Astonishing to see Those Same "Socialist/Liberal" Politicians (Obama-Biden) Who were the 1st to be Suspected for having, Probably, Initiated (with their Policies : Comp. Supra) the 1st Ever novel Virus' Deadly Pandemic (Comp. Supra), to, Suddenlly, Dare Now, on 2020, ...Accuse Trump, 11 Years Later, for something that They had probably Provoked, Already 11 Years Earlier, Since 2009 !

Nevertheless, probably Because they Did NOt have any Serious Argument to Oppose to President Trump on Any Important Issue of Human Life, Society, Politics, and/or Economy, Foreign and Security Policy, etc., those who are Suspected to have Provoked the 1st Deadly Virus' Pandemic of 2009 (Comp. supra), Suddenly, Dared, Shamelessly, Attack Trump Mainly on that 2nd Virus' Pandemic of 2020, that They attempted to grossly Exploit as a Political "Weapon" to Strike Against their Competitor...

To the Point that, more they Insisted to Grossly Exploit the Virus' Pandemic as an Anti-Trump Weapon, More ... they gave the Impression that, indeed, it Might have been Artificially Created (f.ex. by a Labo, as Many Suspect, including a NOBEL Prize, a Former Twice Elected Head of State, etc), Just in order to be Politicaly Exploited as such, Mainly in USA, but Also Elsewhere in the World !

Indeed, Even if that Virus might have, perhaps, Originated from Nature, it's Not Excluded a priori to be, Eventualy, AbUsed also for Political Aims : F.ex., inter alia, Also the Fact that, throughout the World, Together with Trump, More than 18 Conservative Political Leaders have been, Already, Hit by the Virus, more or less, in one way or another, Against ...practicaly None from the Other, "Socialist/Liberal" Side, canNot be Ignored...

+ As for Onama-Biden's Claim that Trump might have ..."Done Nothing" (sic !) Against the Virus, that's a Scandalous, Blatant Lie !

In Fact, POTUS has Started to Try to Protect the American People much Earlier than Biden and his pals Claimed then, By Closing USA's External Borders to China, and Afterwards Europe, etc. (He Should have done that Even Sooner for Europe, But Nobody had Realized EU's "Blunders", then...).

Trump moved Also quite Dynamicaly for Tests, Personal Protective Equipment (Masks, including Re-Usables' Invention, etc), Respirators (Convincing Big Industry to Act, even Efficiently Threatening "General Motors" etc. when the Draged their Feet), Strongly Funded Medical Research for Therapies and/or Vaccines, as well as Accelerating Procedures of "Authorisation", Invested UnPrecedented Amounts of several ...Trillions $ to Help mainstream Economy, SMEs, and threatened Middle-Class as well as All Poor People with Monthly Basic Revenue of 1.200 $/Person, (around 3.400 $ per Typical Family), and, for a Long Period of Time, Organized Daily Press Conferences at the White House on Virus' Issues, with his Personal Participation, (etc).

And Biden's Claims that USA might have The Biggest Number of Deaths by the Virus in the whole World, (as he Whispered Even at a Debate), are plainly False : In Fact, USA's Rate of Virus' Deahs is Lower than that of Several Other Countries, Both in Relation to its Population, and (Even much More) in Proportion to its Infected People. Moreover, Even the Absolute Daily/Weekly Numbers of Virus' Deaths, had Started, Already Since July 2020, to, Slowly but Regularly, Slow-Down, up to (and Including) October 2020, (with Only a Short, Exceptional Variation these Last "Electoral" Days...).

But, some petty Technocrats, (linked since a Long Time with Carter/Clinton/Obama-Biden's "Socialists/Liberals" Old Establishment), did Not really Play that Game Correctly, Draging their feet, (Sometimes even Obstructing, f.ex. around HCQ, Vaccines, etc., and/or Deviating : f.ex. Remdesivir/Fauci, etc)... Only a Firm ReElection of Don Trump might Convince them to Behave, vis a vis the People...

And, at any case, with Don Trump, American People would, at least, Have as President a Younger (73 instead of soon 78), and ..."Immune" to the Virus Now Human Person, apparently Able, Fit, and Willing to be much More Energetic than Biden.
+ Not Far Away from the manifold Issue of Genetic Manipulations on Humans, is, in fact, that which is Often Hidden Behind the "LGBTQ", Homosexual, TranSexual, or Asexual (etc) Socio-Political Agendas, which have, Notoriously, Marked Heavily Obama-Biden's Past Era, (particularly the Controversial and UnPopular "Same Sex Marriage", including Artificialy Fabricated Children, (in Labos controled by Technocrats), and submited to the Power of Homosexuals, etc., that they Notoriously strived to Impose Both inside USA and Even in several Other Countries accross the World, Provoking Tension and Conflicts).

- Already, such Issues were Heavily Evoked, Nowadays, particularly during Bidens' 2nd "Debate" (in Fact : ...Monologue), at the Present 2020 Electoral Campaign, mainly through the case of ..."Trans-Gender" (sic !) People, including Even inside the ...US Army (re-sic !!), on whom, Biden was Called to Reply in 2 Questions, and Let with a lot of Free Prime TV Time, withOut Any Interruption..., (Contrary to the Scandalously Brutal and UnFair way that Trump was ill-treated, at a Parallel MSM Event, that Same Day)...

>>> indeed, Further "LGBTQ" (and particularly "Trans-Gender") Issues, seem, Apparently, due to play a, probably, Heavy Role in the case of an Eventual "Retro" - "Come Back" to anOther "Obama-Biden" period, again, (Even if, perhaps, in some UnPredictable, but, in fact, Far-Reaching, ways) :

- That's what has Just Surfaced, (by an Astonishing "Coincidence", Soon After that Debate), inter alia, Also by the Surprizing Revelation, (through some Elitist MSM such as "Politico", etc), that Even ...the vice-Prime Minister of Belgium, Petra de Sutter, was, in fact, a ... "Trans-Gender", and "Nobody" Knew that !

=> In Fact, (what MSMs as "Politico" a.o. Omit to say, Hidding that to the People), de Sutter's Most Delicate (probably in "Conflict of Interest") Role, has been, Recently, that he/she Served Also as the Rapporteur of the 47 Member Countries-strong (including even Russia, with USA and Canada at a Special Status) Council of Europe's Rapporteur on the Key Bio-Ethical Issue of "Human Genetics", of very "Hot" and even Crucial Importance, given Nowadays' very Controversial New Technological Challenges, for the Present and Future of Humankind...

+He/She has Also, Recently, assumed a Key Role, (Often as CoE or EU Rapporteur, etc), in several Other "Hot" BioEthical Issues, while, Even, being, Professionaly in Charge of the Resposibility of ..."Maternity" (sic !) Clinics, at Belgium, etc., withOut almost Anyone (among Patients, Journalists, Politicians, Voters, etc) ever Knowing that he/she was, in fact, a "Trans-Gender" !

Even Ourselves, who were Following such Issues, sincerely (But Erroneously) Suspected that he/she Might, Eventually, be a ...Lesbian, given a Strange "Look" at the Face, But, the Reality, in Fact, was much More Dangerous...

>>> Why ? Simply Because, Even if in Many Countries accross the World, the Controversial and UnPopular Issue of, Eventualy, Giving to Lesbians the Possibility to Command from "Labos", Controled by Technocrats, the Artificial Fabrication of Children, initialy "In Vitro", and Later "TransPlanted", (etc), Still is, Currently, Hardly Fought, in Fact, The Most "Thorny" Issue, in such an Area, is that of several "Gays" (i.e. Homosexual "Men"), Seeking to Get Access to Children, Until Now through the Atrocious Exploitation (as in India, etc) of so-called "Surrogate Mothers", But, Perhaps, in the Future, Even through the Worse Atrocity of ...TransPlantations of Women's "Uterus" into Homosexual "Men"'s own Body, where, Obviously, the "Trans-Gender" would Play the Main Role !

=> The Crucial Point is Not so much the "LGBTQ" Issue as such, (since their Strictly Private, Personal Lives, may Belong to themselves, alone, withOut Affecting the Society, in Any way), But, much More the Fact that, in Real Practice, a great Part of the "LGBTQ" Minorities has been Blatantly Manipulated by some Dangerous Lobbies of UnScrupulous, Shady "Technocrats", who Systematicaly Push and Exploit them Towards a more and more Massive Artificial Fabrication of Children inside "Labos", Controled by Those Same Technocratic Lobbies...

- But, Nowadays, this has Become, in Fact, an ..."Explosive" Issue, with very Big Dangers against Humanity's foreseable Future, inter alia, Also Because of the Recent, Post-2015/2016+ Emergence of "Gene Editing" Technologies, (which Seek to Easily Manipulate the Genome of Human Embryos, to which was, Soon +Added, Since November 2018+ at the Latest, (in Fact, Already Since Obama-Biden's Last Minutes In Office, Back on 2016-2017), Even the Supplementary Possibility to Go as Far as to Manipulate Also the Genome of ...All "Future Generations", (by Inducing Automaticaly Transmisible Mutations into Today's Embryos, just before Birth) !

=> In Consequence, the Current DANGERS, (in Addition to Still "Pending", UnSolved yet, "Technical" Medical Problems about How to Face the Risks of Provoking Cancers, and/or Various other Health Troubles), particularly on the Present and Forseable Future of Humanity, are Too BIG to tackle... (F.ex., among others, also : "Chimeras" Man/Animal, "Dr. Frankenstein" Monsters, aggravated "Appart-Heid" Separating "Humans", Even Artificial, But Systematically Massive, Fabrication of "Real RACES", Breaking the Historic Unity of all Humankind into Pieces, for ever, (in an, apparently, Irreversible way) !

Obviously, any such Dangerous, "Retro" Fall, once again, Down to an "Obama-Biden" re-make, with Even much Worse Dangers Now, than in the Past, MUST BE PREVENTED by All Conscious People who Realy Care about Humanity's foreseable Future !
++ AnOther Typical Obama-Biden's Past Era characteristic, was ...Bloody WAR !
- From Ukraine's Deadly Conflict, with Too Many Civilian Victims, to Syria's Long Massacres, etc., added to a Never-Ending, then, Afghanistan mig-mar, etc., Obama-Biden undeniably Left a Lot of People Killed at BattleFields, and/or even right in Front or Inside their Family Homes... To which were Added also Libya, and Other South Mediterranean Countries' Upheavals, Dangerous Tensions vis a vis Norhern Korea's Nuclear Rockets, a Starting "New Cold War" against Russia, etc.

+Even Nowadays, Biden Threatens to do against Belarus what he did on Ukraine ! On the Contrary, Trump's Diplomacy managed to Bring Many USA Soldiers Back Home, (from Syria, Afganistan, Germany, etc), did Not made Any Military Invasion/Occupation Anywhere in the World, (the "1st in Modern History" US President to do so, as Observers Noted Abroad), Helped at the 1st Israel - Arab Countries Deal in History, Calmed, comparatively, the situation vis a vis Russia, and Even Created UnPrecedented Good Personal Relations with ...North Korea's Young Kim, Reducing considerably the Previously Dangerous Tension and Risks of Nuclear Clash, (Even if "Dems"' Scandalous Pressure and Personal Threats of so-called "Impeachment", Culminating Right up to those Crucial Days of an Exceptionaly Important USA - NKorea Summit, Obviously Undermined Diplomacy to Conlude Now), etc.

=> So that almost Everything clearly Indicates, Nowadays, that, If he's ReElected, the Next 4 to 5 Years should, Normaly, Make Important Advances for Regional and World Peace, (as Even Trump's Nomination, by 3 Different Proposals accross the World, for the NOBEL Peace Prize, Already shows).
+++ On Economy, Trump Notoriously had Made an Exceptionaly Big Progres, Breaking Many Historic Records, (particularly Against UnEmployment, But Also in Stock Market and/or Growth, Households Savings' increases, etc), Already Since the End of 2019-Beginning of 2020, and All Indications gave a "Green Light" for Even Better into the Next Few Months until these November 3, Elections.

It's Well Known that Only this Strange, UnKnown, and Imported from abroad,, (Including China and the EU), Deadly Virus, (Some Believe "Labo-Made" by some Technocrats, somewhere in the World : See Above) Suddenly smashed Most of the Obtained Results, through Imposed "LockDowns", as Also in Most Other Countries in the World, Affected by this Pandemic...

=> But, Who would like to Go on Record in History for having, Eventualy, Only Exploited a Deadly Pandemic, (of Non-Elucidated yet Cause), in order to Snatch an Election which he was, Otherwise, Unable to even reach ?

>>> At any case, Also the Most Recent Data, (Better than Expected), Clearly Show that, still Nowadays, the USA's Economy, apparently, has a, Suprisingly, very Strong Potential for a Fast-Track and Big ReVival, towards the End of 2020 - Beginning of 2021 : F.ex., inter alia, Creation of Jobs Made an UnExpectedly Huge Jump Already Before October 2020, Economic Growth Marks an Incredible +7% to 8% ReLaunch since the 3rd Timester 2020, Households' Private Savings are almost Full, presenting a Suplementary Growth Potential, (Thanks also to Trump's "Stimulus" Programs : Comp. Supra), and Stock Markets seem, Most of the Times, to ...Closely Follow Trump's own Physical and Political Situation, Descending or Jumpig Up according to how He goes...

I.e., Here, More than Anywhere Else, the Latest Developments clearly indicate that a Possible Trump's Re-Election would, Normaly, Stimulate a Rapid and Substantial Economic ReVival.
++++ Last, but Not Least, concerning Sensitive in the US Issues related to DisAdvantaged, Black and/or Hispanic Minorities, as well as Internal Security, etc., the Spectrum of an Hypothetic Obama-Biden "Come Back" of the Past, does Not at All Enthousiasm those People, But, on the Contrary, Seems Far Less Promising than Trump's Moves and Plans :

- Already, the Collective Memory of the ..."Ferguson" and Other 1st Revolts of mainly Black People in Recent Years, which Notoriously Marked "Obama-Biden"'s Past Era, were, Socialy and Ideologicaly, More Damaging and Dangerous than the Brief 2020 "BLM" Local Excess, where Trump's Immediate Justice Measures, vis a vis those Srange, Half-Policemen, Half-Cabaret Private Guards (sic !), Resposible for the 1st, main Incident, as well as, at least Most of his Overall Subsequent Monitoring, appeared rather Appropriate, given the Circumstances, (that Dems' Slyly Attempted to Exploit, in Vain, at the End).

- Most Important : Don Trump's Famous, Original "Cleveland Music" of 2016, since his Ohio's Presidential Nomination Conference's Landmark Speech, where he Surprized by, inter alia, Also Tackling the "Socialists/Liberals" Even at their ..."Left", (a Key Tone for his Legacy, that he Re-Launched anew, Also with his "Inauguration" Speech, at the Beginning of 2017, in the White House), was Not Forgotten at all, still Now, on 2020's US Presidentials :

>>> Indeed, very Symbolicaly, at his very 1st Public Speech, just After Miraculously Surviving from a Deadly Virus' Infection which had brought him Dangerously in a Hospital practicaly at the Eve of these Elections, Trump Clearly Aimed to Make an Address Mainly towards DisAdvantaged Black and Hispanic People, (as it's Obvious Even by the Principal Composition of that Group of Fans which Rushed to See and Hear him at the White House's Lawn, at that Crucial and Historic Moment)...

- Inter alia, he Stressed and Later Reiterated during the Debates versus Biden, that, in Addition to having, already, Started to Benefit, Proportionnaly Most than Others (as Planned), Both by the Huge Initial Jobs' Creations, Before the Virus, and by the Subsequent Re-Start of New Jobs that are Just Emerging from the Current Economic ReVival's Beginnings, (Comp. Supra), Disadvantaged Black and Hispanic People were Also, nowadays, Able to Benefit, for the 1st Time, from Long-Term, but Low-Cost, Financial Loans including for their University Studies, (while, in the Past, this had been Practicaly Impossible for Most of them !).

=> Based on these and other such Concrete Measures, Trump was, Also, Keen, at his Symbolicaly Important Concluding Remarks in the Last Debate with Biden, while Replying to a Key Question on How he Aims to Deal with an Everywhere in the World Widening "Gap" between Rich and Poor People, as well as with he subsequent Need for National Unity, to Stress that, In Substance, his Main Idea was, Basicaly, to "Unite them Together, through" joint and synchronous, Social Development and Economic "Success !", as he Vowed... *

- On the Contrary, Biden, Challenged by Trump about the Fact that, During the Past "Obama-Biden" Era, Too "Many Black People had been Closed in Prison" (sic !) - Something that he did Not Deny - did Not Advance Further than, Merely suggesting to Drop Prison Sentences for All "Drug-Addict" People, since Blacks, reportedly, were Particularly Numerous in this Category, and Concluded with an Empty and Hollow, Vague Promise to Simply "be the President of Both White and Black People", which does Not Commit to Anything Concrete, But Obviously remains Floue and UnDetermined...

- Finaly, while Trump was Ending this Electoral Campaign 2020 inter alia, also Photographed Together ...With a Young Black Rap Music Singer, (who's just Published a quite Good "Halloweez" New Album, available for Free at the Internet),

Biden's Web Team was ...Accusing Trump to have..."Stopped (Mass+Irregular) Immigration" (sic !).

- If, Even Biden Says so...
* Concluding with a Look up to the Stars :

- while it's well Known that a main Criticism of Obama-Biden's Past Era on Space Policy, (where Obama's 2010 Budget practicaly Cut all Funds for "Human Space Flight", Focusing Only on shady Genetic Manipulations above "ISS" in Earth's orbit), was that, Opposite to the Historical John Kennedy, who had "Put Man to the Moon", they had Only "Put Man to Women's Water Closet" (sic ! A Topical reference to "Trans-Gender" forthcoming Horrors : See Above),

- on the Contrary, Trump's Fans have litteraly ...Plebiscitated (with Particularly Numerous "Likes" at the Web in his relevant Twitter Announcement) the current US President's New and Ambitious, Human Space Flight Aims, Starting by a relevant Base at the Noon, for Launches towards Mars and/or Other Planets/Space Destinations...


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