Useful Idiots Harmon/Brazile in Cuba- meet Rauls daughter!!

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    Uhmmm.."US Woman leaders ":eusa_eh: in what fantasy world does this guy live in?
    Ahhh, the AP- Peter Orsi.

    so god knows, they are so totally surprised over every economic blip and negative indicator, they are in a constant state of "oh my" this is sooooo 'unexpected'.
    I assume they teleport off planet somewhere to live and only come here to work from the script they have memorized.

    I wonder; dd the AP article author or reporter ask or inquire ( or care) whether the useful idiots met with any dissidents?

    Or did the trip take the usual quarantined stroll thru the excluded to hoi polloi harbor view hotel rooms ( 5 star) and state dinner etc. Answer?
    I cannot find any evidence of such and the "reporter" doesn't even say so OR not. I visited the site Cuba | and looked thru their 'pravda's' on cuban comings and goings...nada.

    They did however meet with an American being held ( see;leverage) but no, no dissidents and were very happy to report that a student orchestra composed of musicians from Harvard and Radcliffe played this week in Cuba.
    Is that some serious awesomeness or what!!!:eusa_hand:

    No, say ladies in white who march because their sons or husbands etc. have been disappeared or beaten to a pulp and thrown into holes by the sec. arm of Rauls state apparatus.

    US women leaders meet Raul Castro's daughter
    By PETER ORSI, Associated Peter Orsi, Associated – Mon Jun 6, 6:55 pm ET
    The delegation, which arrived in Havana on Sunday, includes Democratic political strategist Donna Brazile and former U.S. Rep. Jane Harman, a California Democrat who resigned in February and now heads the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

    "I believe that Cuba is our immediate neighbor and it is time to liberalize U.S. policy toward Cuba," Harman said.

    "It is very exciting to hear about some of the social changes going on in your country," she added, apparently referring to a host of economic reforms initiated by Raul Castro to try to boost Cuba's flagging economy.


    "Our hope is that we will learn from the Cuban women and that maybe we have something to offer in exchange," said Sarah Stephens, the group's executive director. "We look forward to many more meetings with women in the government, women in the religious community, ordinary women on the street."

    more at-
    US women leaders meet Raul Castro's daughter - Yahoo! News

    ...a charter member of the ladies in white, whose story is below...look at the date/timing as well, this was all going on WHILE the idiots were coming and going:eusa_shhh:

    Chronicle of a Martyr, Chronicle of Cuba
    Leave a Comment Posted by Pedazos de la Isla on June 10, 2011

    Just a year and a few months ago, the life of a humble woman from the small town of Banes, Holguin, Cuba, was being destroyed. She had already carried an unbearable weight for 7 years, knowing that her son was innocent yet he languished behind the bars of Cuba’s dungeons. Now, that same son was slowly dying just because one government decided it should be that way. This story is the story of Reina Luisa Tamayo, the dignified mother of the Cuban political prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo who died after an extensive 85 day hunger strike and a brutal beating on behalf of the prison authorities as they carried out orders from Cuba’s dictators. But Reina’s suffering did not cease there. She decided to take to the streets to protest her sons assassination and to confront the Cuban dictatorship, echoing her son’s demands: freedom, democracy, and the respect of human rights.

    The violence on behalf of the Cuban tyranny only multiplied itself. Days after the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, Reina Luisa was victim of, together with other Ladies in White, a physical mob attack where she was arrested, beaten, and threatened while the eyes of the democratic world only stared at their television screens as if it was all part of a horror film. The weeks, months, and, in total, the year which followed only got worse. Cuban political police agents, as well as soldiers in uniform, constantly impeded this hurt mother from marching through the streets of her own town as she tried to pay homage to her fallen son at his tomb. Dozens of other dissidents were beaten just for accompanying this brave Lady in White, her house was constantly surrounded by political police agents, and the rest of her relatives suffered from blackmail and layoffs in their work places, in school, and even in their day to day lives in their own neighborhood. Reina feared that they were going to take another son from her, or a daughter, a granddaughter, or her husband. But she never feared what could happen to her. She suffered innumerable arrests, beatings, and harassment but she always raised her voice on the streets, in her house, and through the international press, demanding that the murderous brothers who rule the Caribbean island leave power and pay for what they did to her peaceful son.

    Chronicle of a Martyr, Chronicle of Cuba « Pedazos de La Isla
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