10 Industries on verge of extenction

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    Economy: As Obama Meets to Discuss Growth, 10 Sectors Are Sick or Dying

    President Obama will visit North Carolina today, meeting with his Jobs and Competitiveness Council to discuss ways to promote U.S. job growth, bolster America's global competitiveness and strengthen the economy

    Some sectors of the economy, according to market research company IBISWorld, could use strengthening: An IBISWorld report identifies 10 U.S. industries, which, if not actually dead, are headed that way fast.

    Some, such as manufactured housing, theoretically could get better and enjoy a healthy future. Others, such as record stores, cannot: They might just as well strap on a "Do Not Resuscitate" sign and pull down the shades.

    "While the U.S. economy is headed further into recovery, not every industry is performing well," writes the report's author, Toon Van Beeck. Every industry, he says, goes through its own lifecycle -- growth, maturity and decline. IBIS combed its database of some 700 industries and studied 200 that were in decline. From those, it identified 10 that it considers "standouts."

    All the following, says Van Beeck, are "on the verge of extinction:"

    Record retailers
    Dealers in manufactured housing
    Wired telecommunications carriers
    Textile mills
    Newspaper publishers
    Apparel manufacturers
    DVD, game & video rental stores
    Providers of video postproduction services
    The photofinishing industry
    Renters of formal wear and costumes.

    Economy: As Obama Meets to Discuss Growth, 10 Sectors Are Sick or Dying - ABC News

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