Why Republicans are NOT conservatives...


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Apr 10, 2004
Philadelphia, Amazing huh...
The only ones that need the blame for their loss today is the Republicans that are in Congress. Unfortunately we lost alot of good conservatives in this mess today like Santorum and the like because of the Reps in congress and the President not taking a stand on conservative principles. Illegal Immigration, they cried for amnesty (which we will get now that the Dems control the house). On big government handouts, they wrote the blank checks (another thing to get used to with speaker Pelosi). On expanding big government institutions, they said hell yes (Like Education and the like, expect more of the same now).

So the lesson to be learned? Republicans lost because they didnt stick to the principles that got them elected and the backlash cost us many true conservatives in the congress today because of the association with the "Moderate" wing of the republican party.

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