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  • In regard to you Dean comment "Why didn't the TrumpenfĂĽhrer and his Republicans pass a bill for that damn walled in the previous two years?" I posed a similar question I think last week and one response I got was something about a 60 vote proof filibuster republicans needed to get immigration reform passed. Not sure of the validity and haven't found anything googling it yet. Have you?
    Do not single me out on any thread, especially to criticize me. Do not post to me. Do not address me in any way. And do not tell me what to do. Twitter is social media. Not news. That you think it is news is sad, very sad. You are persona non grata to me from now on. GFY
    That's surprising.

    Where, exactly, did you feel criticized?

    I don't think you understand how Twitter works, actual news sources post links to the news on there, and it generates conversation, that's how you know what's going on.

    I actually do work involving social media, so I kinda know what I'm talking about here, but any way. So much for that.
    LOL...we did agree when Obama was elected, but with this election I am not excited about Hillary and go back and forth. Being that I see Trump adopting the extreme right vision, no way not interested.. Hoping she picks a good VP , and I like Bill...I do like a few things Trump has brought out into the open and on the platform to debate instead of being ignored. Have a good one.
    Yeah, I don't much care for your politics but you have poise and composure and just enough of a sense of humor. And that's cool. :thup:
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