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Shiva-Kali: The Media Access Decalog?


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Sep 22, 2013
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Can commerce/media cater to more open-ended dialogue about pluralism/tolerance, or do we bluntly 'expect' that to arise as a 'political boon' of modern 'access-oriented' social networking (e.g., Facebook)?

It's a question of symbolic value for the modern age, so here's a relevant mock-dialogue about media-driven pluralism 'sensibility' between Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) and Kali (Hindu goddess of feminine power).

Who would appreciate such a 'mental/social exercise' more, President Donald Trump or First Lady Melania Trump?



SHIVA: It's odd that Christians have engaged in persecution (e.g., Salem Witch Trials) but are 'mainstream.'
KALI: That's partially because paganism will always be considered the 'religion of rebels.'
SHIVA: I would imagine that a Wiccan would be offended if you called him/her an overt 'rebel.'
KALI: Yes, a Wiccan (or a 'witch') may feel very personal and 'faithful' about nature-spirit 'divinity.'
SHIVA: Right, so how do we use modern media (e.g., Facebook) to promote pluralism/tolerance?
KALI: Well, the proliferation of 'ideas' in modern media and dialogue caters to open-ended 'reformation.'
SHIVA: Most 'mainstream' films about Christianity are 'optimistic,' but those about paganism seem 'eccentric.'
KALI: Film-makers (Roman Polanski) who 'experiment' with Satanism-themes are wary about free-speech.
SHIVA: Maybe colleges and universities can consider ways to use education to promote objectivity!
KALI: A Satanist wants to welcome a 'non-academic heretic' with open-arms, while Christians frown...
SHIVA: The stereotypes are that pagans/Wiccans/Satanists are 'wild,' while Christians are 'normal.'
KALI: There is also the stereotype that non-Christians are more feminism-oriented...
SHIVA: As you and I know, Hinduism (a pseudo-pagan and certainly non-Christian religion) 'hypes' women.
KALI: Yes, there are multiple female 'deities' in Hinduism, while Christianity offers only Mary/Magdalene.
SHIVA: I get the impression that Satanists would be more 'comforting' to women anxious about deference!
KALI: It does seem that Satanism caters to a female interest in 'liberal' maternalism Machiavellianism.
SHIVA: There's a difference in the 'treatment' of women when comparing Rosemary's Baby to Agnes of God.
KALI: The former film presents an 'alter-ego' of Mary, while the latter presents a 'divined' image of Magdalene.
SHIVA: That's correct, so should we 'assume' that paganism/Satanism is more 'receptive' of 'psychiatry'?
KALI: I think that 'suggestion' has merit in our complicated arena which treats pluralism as a 'task.'
SHIVA: Right, considering how more 'liberal' religions (e.g., Wicca) are 'comforting' may reduce bigotry!
KALI: First Lady Melania Trump may ask, "Should I consider Wicca, so Americans don't call me a 'token'?"
SHIVA: 'TrumpUSA' is arguably both misogynist as well as overtly pro-capitalism, and women feel 'snubbed.'
KALI: Maybe there's a way to translate commerce/media 'access' into 'pluralism concerns.'
SHIVA: I bet you'd love it (my dear wife!) if Facebook catered to a female interest in 'gender-dialogue.'
KALI: I'm a big fan of female talk-shows such as The View and The Talk, so I welcome media-gauged IQ!


{Shiva & Kali}


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