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  • just add me to your list of followers, I appreciate what you have to say and I'm glad to see you around..
    Lucy Hamilton, you win for now, until we meet. At that point, you are mine. What will I do with you? I have no clue? Enough said!
    Ok, nice try Clyde! Here is the redacted version! " aww shit! Kat,kat,kat, is aware of me! ENOUGH SAID!!! And yes I am in the booze, Ten High for all intrested. Now leave me alone as the sound of distant drums approaches. Ignore me, please Lucy?
    My name here on the board this board is, Iamso.IR. The fact that I communicate and that IT is proof in and of itself! Next question? And if you require further proof, contact Moderator Kit. She knows me well enough just not well enough, if I get my thinking?
    Seeing that almost all money for infrastructure like roads, police and a good portion of all r&d funding is tax payer funded. Well, you're talking about doing a great deal of harm to America's leadership on this planet. You're just insane.
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