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  • ok.... all I got from the op was. this record will never be broken because of................... hard work.
    you got the jest of it.players DONT work near as hard as they used to because they have been spoiled by the money,they are way overpaid with all these millions they get now so they dont work as hard as they used to which is what made them the great hall of famers they are because back then,they played the game for the love of the game instead of the love of the money like they do now.they dont play it with passion anymore.Back in the day when Rose was coming into the league,it was UNHEARD of for players to not run as hard as they could and try and beat out a ground ball at first base.NOW its a miracle if you find players willing to try and beat out a gorund ball to first base stopping 6 feet away instead of leaping to try and beat it out.the playoffs or world series you'll see them do that,but not in the regular season.Not in this day and age.
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