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Shiva-Croc: 'Urban Waste Dictionary'


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Sep 22, 2013
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This is a modernism-relevant mock-dialogue between Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) and Killer Croc (fictional ghoulish DC Comics super-villain and sewer-dwelling nemesis of the urban masked vigilante known as Batman).

The discussion concerns the pseudo-logistical and 'philosophical' parameters of 'waste-management couture' in the modern world (and hence the modern city!). I've also referenced pseudo-political ideas about 'leviathan' (a philosophical term denoting governance challenges and especially spiritual hurdles).

How will 'TrumpUSA' coordinate folk demands with urbanization/consumerism rhetoric?

Signing off,


SHIVA: Urban upkeep is integrally tied to waste-management, pollution, and water desalination/filtration.
KILLER CROC: That's because the commerce-centric 'hub' that is the 'city' creates much 'activity.'
SHIVA: There are multiple 'spook-stories' about monsters dwelling in sewers (e.g., Stephen King's It).
KILLER CROC: Yes, there is even one about a mutated giant alligator crawling out of the city sewers.
SHIVA: Maybe the sewer 'system' of the modern city is a true 'governance leviathan.'
KILLER CROC: The word 'leviathan' refers to, of course, a giant beast of chaos!
SHIVA: I'm using 'leviathan' here to refer to a citation of 'pure disintegration.'
KILLER CROC: Are you implying that urban governance requires focus on waste-management 'channels'?
SHIVA: Yes, if aboveground 'civilization' is a 'network,' then the 'waste-world' (or sewer) is a 'tunnel.'
KILLER CROC: If humanity engages in nuclear war, we might have to live underground...
SHIVA: In that case, archaeologists will reflect on the attention given to waste-management in this era's 'city.'
KILLER CROC: If waste and pollution and water-quality and sewage-maintenance are ignored, we'll die!
SHIVA: There's no reason to become an 'alarmist,' but I agree that urbanization mandates plentiful 'politics.'
KILLER CROC: Is President Trump (an overt capitalist) the man for the job?
SHIVA: Well, First Lady Melania Trump should not be asked, so we have to make best with what we have!
KILLER CROC: Maybe eco-activism (hyped on Facebook portals) can create more 'waste awareness'!
SHIVA: The media is in a position to be 'progressively spotlighting' the 'heroic servicemen.'
KILLER CROC: Isn't that what films such as Men at Work, C.H.U.D., and Dark City are all about?



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