Oooooh, Dan


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Jan 26, 2004
Somewhere in Ontario
At little help here?

Looking for the track list for the movie "Triggermen", specifically the song playing at the end of the movie while the credits were rolling. Could you locate this?
I looked for about 15 minutes and couldn't really find anything. Did the song have lyrics? It might be better to search for the lyrics than the movie. Sorry!:huh:
Said, I also looked, but not for as long as Dan. All I could find regarding the soundtrack for Triggermen was an obscure blog reference from a guy who did not think the soundtrack was appropriate for the movie. It was odd, this is the only time I have ever looked for soundtrack info and found literally nothing.
I only heard the last little bit of the song and didnt catch the lyrics because I thought it would be easy to find the track list.

I tried the link already Lefty, not luck there either. It is odd, I found one song after searching for about 20 min. Oh well. Thanks for trying everyone.

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