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Tommy Tainant
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  • If you cannot afford to have a child do not have one or do you think everyone else should pay the cost of your having children. It would also be great for the planet that people stop procreating.
    Thank you, Tommy, for thanking my post about Neil Young's latest release, Colorado. You're the only one that has thanked me so far. I appreciate that. And Colorado IS quite good. It's a little mellow at times for a Crazy Horse backed release, but very fine overall. It's amazing that Neil continues to make such good music. He'll be 74 years old on November 12th.
    Tommy Tainant
    Tommy Tainant
    No problem. Thanks for the heads up. I had no idea he was working on stuff.
    Tommy, I will not be posting anymore on USMessageBoard but I do want you to know that I have enjoyed your contributions during the short time I was an active member. Good luck!
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