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How Secretary Clinton Wins The Email Debate--ReClassifieds(?) From The Famous "Undisclosed Location"


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Feb 22, 2009
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Once Upon A TIME. . .pornography aside(?). . .there was no intercontinental threat from Terrorists, or from anything called ISIL, or ISIS. Lawyers know there was another Vice President, now possibly again operating from an "Undisclosed Location." Lawyers in the Gun Lobby are likely especially fond of former Vice President Cheney(?), "The Great White Hunter!"

After the Democrats won in 2009, there was created an Executive Order, 13526, pertaining to classified information. Soon enough a Secretary of State was using a Presidential level IT server for emails. People now wonder what was up with that(?)! The Secretary involved mainly uses the concept "convenient," likely as in efficient time use. Republican Governors from New Jersey are alleged to even know about slowing things down instead, for example, interstate bridge traffic(?)! And So we ask, "What do they know, and when did they know it!(?)"
From the Obama Executive Order: If there is significant doubt about the need to classify information, it shall not be classified.
After the release of thousands of documents, apparently now there is dubious reclassification of about 26 such documents. It is noted and emphasized that there was no classified interpretation of the documents, even clearly marked, at the time.

Enter the concept, "Significant Doubt!" There is clearly more than significant doubt about what was in the emails. Mostly, "Go ahead and read away!" That applies in case you missed the various articles in all the press reports.

All the evidence released supports the "Significant Doubt" interpretation that is statute, in the law.

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Many times yearning cajones of White Eyes, understood to be originating from an "Undisclosed location," . . .And even with a tap dance!(?))
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