Dept. of Justice over seer of huma abedin emails leaked information to hilary...he is Podesta's bud.


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yep.........Wikileaks reveals that the Department of Justice official, tasked with over seeing the huma abedin email scandal was leaking email information to hilary.......

Is there no fucking end to this corruption?

WikiLeaks: Peter Kadzik Leaked Email Investigation Intel to Hillary Clinton Campaign

Assistant Attorney General Peter J. Kadzik shared information about the congressional investigation of Hillary Clinton with his friend John Podesta, according to new emails revealed by WikiLeaks.

“There is a HJC oversight hearing today where the head of our Civil Division will testify. Likely to get questions on State Department emails,” he flagged in an email to Podesta onMay 19, 2015, with the subject line, “Heads up.”

Kadzik also updated Podesta on a FOIA case on Clinton’s emails.

“Another filing in the FOIA case went in last night or will go in this am that indicates it will be awhile (2016) before the State Department posts the emails,” he said.

Podesta forwarded the information to several campaign aides.

“Additional chances for mischief,” he warned.

As reported, Kadzik is close to Podesta, as he “kept him out of jail” during President Bill Clinton’s administration.

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