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  • Bait threads, stuff that is strictly fact, that makes Democrats seem as they are, not American
    A hey there! I just love slapping luddly around :lol: and he just hates it when posters like us prove him to be a liar about Nugent. Pele was of age and legal. Blows his pedophile crap out the window. But he and others will just continue to lie and slander. That's just what they do.
    so many nice comments here, so many shitty comments in the threads, I like the bad, it makes me relevant
    I am terribly saddened at the State of our Nation. I haven't seen you here before but I apologize for how you are being treated.
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    I am more than fine, I can rush it out better than he/she.

    I am just hoping I got a pic of the book, I won't be home for a week.
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