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Oct 25, 2019
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It's NOT a theory- although it could be called a conspiracy even though it is obvious to all but the ignorant, or, willfully blind-

It is happening as we speak! Follow the Money, see the Agenda

Global Reset.

For the ruling class to be able to advance such a grand scheme of wealth transfers and power, destruction of the current system is necessary. It cannot seem obvious to the masses, or at least it has to be made to seem much more complicated than it really is, and that is exactly what happened. The tactics used by the central banks and their corporate and government accomplices, were meant to gain great wealth while eliminating any economic freedom for most of the people. This was done by destroying free markets, killing any incentive to save, vastly increasing the money supply in favor of the wealthy, and creating a debt based economy that would eventually drain the middle class of its provisions for the future. By lowering interest rates to zero, printing unheard of amounts of money out of thin air, and justifying these policies by claiming to ‘stimulate’ the economy, the herd continued to applaud the efforts of their future slave masters. The stock market was used as the only economic indicator, and of course that market has proven to be nothing more than a counterfeit and deceptive manipulation.

But! Democrat! Trump! China! Russia!

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