Clinton's tantrum in Fox News interview backfires HUGE


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Jun 20, 2006
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Looks like the Clintons have gone into a full meltdown, starting with Bills' recent interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News. In response to a reasonable question about fighting terrorists when he was President, he lost his temper, told a number of flat lies, got in a stunned Wallace's face, and generally acted like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Perhaps he intended this performance to salvage his "legacy" by rewriting history and pretending he had been even a somewhat-effective fighter of terrorists. But all he really accomplished, was to open many of the nation's old wounds (WTC 1993, embassy bombings, Somalia, USS Cole etc.) and get people to re-examine what went on during his presidency, comparing them to the response shown by his successor against similar (though far more horrific) attacks later.

Bill doesn't come out of this looking very well. He is revealed as a blustering, intimidating bully who recites lies with full conviction - lies that are quickly and easily debunked by a media that no longer covers for him.

And though George W. Bush has made his share of mistakes in the war against terrorists, Bill has forced a direct comparison of his "legacy" with Bush's so far... and he comes out a very poor second to a President who stopped all terrorist attacks cold after the first one on his watch, and driven the terrorists far into the defensive in countries far from our shores.

Other Clintons have joined the meltdown, too. Apparently trying to defend her husband's weakness against terrorists, she made a speech allowing that Bill would have given far more attention to a document that said Bin Laden intended to strike the U.S., than Bush did. Unfortunately for her, the same media immediately pointed out that Bill DID receive exactly such a document in a briefing in 1998, and did nothing.

Hillary has not been heard from since, but it cannot bode well for her upcoming Presidential run that she apparently thinks her husband's non-response to terrorism was laudable and worthy of her support. Either that, or that she apparently expects people to believe her most transparent fibs. This is hardly a compliment to her audience's intelligence and common sense.

In a way, we should probably thank Bill for his outburst and meltdown on national TV. If he intended for it to give him a boost in terms of his "legacy", it has backfired, HUGE. He has reminded us (unintentionally, I'm sure) that neither he nor his co-wife can be trusted, either to defend the country from foreign attack, nor even to tell us the truth about the situation.

With one of them seeking the Presidency once again, they have given us a very timely reminder, of exactly what we might wind up electing.
Yea he flat out lied and contradicted himself in the interview alone.
First he says he was being rediculed by the "neocons" for going after Osama. And he also he said he couldn't go after him because they couldn't "certify" he was behind the attacks. Which is it Billybob? :cuckoo:

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