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  1. EvilEyeFleegle

    Federal appeals court rules against Tennessee abortion bans

    So..the usual ebb and flow....Texas fetal heartbeat works for the anti-choice folks--Tennessee not so much A federal appeals court on...
  2. TheNightFly

    Roe v. Wade was wrong and so is the SCOTUS.

    Women's right to abortion is necessitated by our right to consent, not by our right to privacy. Our right to privacy just means they don't have to give anyone an explanation. The way consent works is that it only applies to the person you give it to, it cannot automatically transfer to other...
  3. S

    Women of America unite.....

    Women of America unite, your rights are under attack. This ridiculous abortion law in Texas targets you. I don't care if you're anti-abortion or pro-abortion. What you do now will determine your rights in the future, all of your rights. If you are allow government to do this to you. Abortion is...
  4. Chuz Life

    The Questioning of Judge Amy Coney Barrett is underway

    Watch it Live Here: WATCH: Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Hearing - Day 2 So far, I think she is outperforming expectations.
  5. Chuz Life

    The Overturning of Roe v Wade

    REMINDER: This is in the CDZ and CDZ rules apply. Countless Elected officials, Legal Experts(sic), Journalists, USMB members /posters, all unceasingly postulate that, in the event that Roe v Wade is ever overturned, the abortion issue would simply "revert back to the States." I disagree that...
  6. Chuz Life

    POLL: One Big Reason That Trump Was Elected

    This is a simple poll to make a relevant political point. In the 2016 Presidential Election, one of the primary reasons that Trump voters voted for Trump over Hillary was to DENY Hillary the chance to nominate any Supreme Court justices. Trump won the election. It would be a betrayal of HIS...
  7. Chuz Life

    CDZ POLL: An Abortion Kills a Child

    Reminder. 1. This thread is in the CDZ; ALL CDZ rules apply. 2. You can change your answers at any time. 3. All sides are invited to present any and all evidence to support their views. 4. Posts and responses are asked to be confined to the subject of this OP. "Does and abortion kill a child...
  8. Chuz Life

    Supreme Court hears arguments in Louisiana abortion case

    "Supreme Court justices heard the first oral arguments in a controversial Louisiana abortion case. If the law is upheld, it's possible every clinic in the state would be forced to close. CBS News reporter Kate Smith joined CBSN AM to explain the arguments for both sides and the crucial role of...
  9. JGalt

    Roe Vs Wade appears to be ripe for overturning

    Erroneous precedents in previous Supreme Court rulings are in no way sacred or set in stone. They are subject to the U.S. Constitution as it was written, originally understood, and intended. If former Supreme Court rulings are unconstitutional, then precedent must be overturned. Kavanaugh...
  10. Chuz Life

    Magical times where Pro-Life and Anti-abortion efforts intersect

    This is one of them! Texas Allowed to Halt Abortions to Conserve Masks, Gloves (Bloomberg) -- Texas struck a blow against abortion rights when a federal appeals court ruled the state can ban most procedures as long as the governor’s emergency health decree to save medical supplies for...
  11. deanrd

    Pete Buttigieg and Meghan McCain discussed abortion on the View

    Pete Buttigieg and Meghan McCain discussed abortion on the View so anyone that knows Megan McCain knows that she is pro life and feels that when it comes to reproductive rights women should have none. She’s made that clear. So Pete Buttigieg was asked on the View what he felt about abortion...
  12. TheProgressivePatriot

    Roy Moore For US Senate from Alabama!!

    Actually, this is a bad joke without a punch line. The thought of him actually being elected makes me feel as though I am stuck in a thick tar of despair which hangs in the air like the stench of death. He is a disgrace to the concept of human rights, a dangerous enemy of the rule of law and...
  13. K9Buck

    Do you agree that pre-born humans are NOT entitled to any rights or even the right to live?

    I realize that many believe that women shouldn't be forced to be inconvenienced with a pregnancy. But why does the woman's "right" to not be inconvenienced trump a pre-born human's right to live their life?
  14. JGalt

    Lesbian Episcopal Priest Becomes Head Baby-Murderer

    She proudly embodies the very visage of blasphemy against the God she's supposed to represent. 50 million and counting, just in the US alone. I wouldn’t want to be her on judgement day. "Now, a lesbian Episcopal priest, the "very reverend" Katherine Hancock Ragsdale, takes the abomination...
  15. Robert Urbanek

    Ghosts of aborted fetuses

    The “aliens” in “alien abductions” are really the ghosts of aborted fetuses who have come back to haunt us. In the classic alien abduction experience, the abductee first sees a bright light like the "light at the end of the tunnel" related by people who have had near-death experiences: evidence...
  16. Robert Urbanek

    Extend Roe v. Wade to Alzheimer’s

    Ten million aging baby boomers are expected to suffer from Alzheimer’s. Roe v. Wade gave boomers the right to terminate an unwanted fetus. We should draw on that Supreme Court decision to allow caregivers to terminate an unwanted “adult fetus.” Dementia, already known as “second childhood,”...
  17. toobfreak

    Woman Charged With Murder For What Planned Parenthood Does Every Day!

    A woman giving birth to a stillborn child is charged with murder because she took meth, yet I thought Planned Parenthood and the Left excused and rationalized hundreds of casual abortions everyday as a "right" because it is just a fetus and not a human being and so has no rights?! So how can...
  18. deanrd

    Donald Trump was banned from the USMB during the Florida Rally

    So I was watching the Trump rally in Florida and I was posting what Donald Trump was saying and was banned. Banned for posting Donald Trump's direct quotes. Here is a live stream of the rally and some of the direct quotes. Don't believe me. Watch for yourself. This is Trump at his base...
  19. deanrd

    Republicans and Democrats see women’s health and reProductive rights in completely different ways

    The panel in the left was from 2012 when Republicans controlled the house. That was the panel on women’s health and reproductive rights. The panel on the right was today. So do Republican men feel they’re better at deciding women’s rights? Than women?
  20. georgephillip

    Legal Abortion Means Lower Crime Rates

    What if it's true... Greater access to abortion may have reduced America’s crime rate "May 24, 2019 "Crime rates in the U.S. have fallen by about half since the early 1990s. "A new working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that legalized abortion following the...
  21. deanrd

    Today’s Supreme Court abortion ruling is a real head scratcher.

    Supreme Court leaves intact block on one Indiana abortion restriction, but allows fetal burial to go into effect The Supreme Court overturned this part: a state may prohibit abortions motivated solely by race, sex or disability. Republicans want to force women to have retarded babies or...
  22. deanrd

    You thought 2018 was the year of the woman? Wait until 2020.

    A First: Women Take The Majority In Nevada Legislature And Colorado House Just like the country, the body is slightly more than half women. "It's been a long, hard fight. I'm starting to see some of the fruits of not just my labor, but the labor of so many other people whose names I don't...
  23. The Original Tree

    Death Panels are Back in The News Again

    Even Putin wouldn't do this. First off, let me point out the utter hypocrisy of The Left AGAIN. The Democrat Party's Position is to Oppose "Right To Try" That means that if you have cancer, you will not have The Right To Try experimental treatments. A panel will decide if you live or die...
  24. deanrd

    GOP Spreadsheet of raped pre teens, tracking length of pregnancy to stop them from an abortion.

    Just saw this as breaking news on Rachel Maddow. It won't be anywhere else because it's breaking news. So girls, from 12 to 17, most had been raped and came here seeking an abortion. So Scott Lloyd, who works for the Trump Administration, keeps a very long and detailed spreadsheet on these...
  25. TheProgressivePatriot

    Georgia Bill Would Seek to Regulate Mens Bodies in Response to Abortion Bans

    Testicular Bill Of Rights: Georgia Bill Would Place Restrictions On Sexual Aides For Men Progressive Secular Humanist - See second story down I thought that this was hysterical! I am a married male and I am all for it! Although I don't live in Georgia . But seriously, it is time for men...
  26. TheProgressivePatriot

    Idaho Republicans Kill Bill That Would Have Ended Child Marriage In The State

    Republicans: Please tell us again how your party is the party of family values and the party that cares about women, children and families? Then tell us how many 16 year old kids that you have encountered were emotionally, intellectually and financially ready to be a parent and a spouse. And...
  27. Chuz Life

    Bull Ring A Human Fetus is a Child; Chuz Life vs JoeB131

    I (Chuz Life) herby challenge USMB member JoeB131 to a One on One debate on the subject of whether or not a human being in the fetal stage of their life, growth and development is a "child." JoeB131 If you are willing to accept this debate, answer with a response and let's discuss and agree on...
  28. Chuz Life

    JoeB131, I'm calling you out on your claim that a human fetus is NOT a Child!

    JoeB131, I am calling you out on your continued claim that a human fetus is not a child. Despite many attempts to educate your retarded ass in various other threads, you still continue to regurgitate the same denials as though you have never even once been proven wrong. I call. I challenge...
  29. JGalt

    The Negro Project

    Before it was called “Planned Parenthood,” it was called "The Negro Project." "The Negro Project was initiated in 1939 by Sanger’s Birth Control Federation of America, an early form of Planned Parenthood. The purpose was to promote contraception use among the black population of the South...
  30. The Original Tree

    I Believe Fairfax Is Innocent

    You might think that’s crazy coming from a Conservative. I also believe Judge Moore was Innocent and Kavanaugh was Innocent. That’s what being an American is really about. But you might ask if I have reasons, especially in regards to Fairfax. I don’t expect you to believe this, but I do know...

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