Beautiful American Authoritarianism by Mekki ELMOGRABI

May 14, 2016
Press writer and former diplomat
[email protected]

The difference between a one-party system and a two-party system is like the difference between pocket knife and scissors.
The best example for an authoritarian or one-party system is China, not Russia, because Putin's government could be a rich autocratic oligarchy rather than an authoritarian regime. Although the US is a multi-party system, it is in reality a two-party state.
Still authoritarianism! Yes, it is true that the freedom to choose a candidate is guaranteed to American citizens, but the freedom of candidacy is – in practice – subject to the heavily manipulated and dominated two-party system due to the extremely expensive financing that is an undeclared condition to practice politics and elections successfully in America, and this is because capital and the lobbies work through the system which offers the American voters only two options, either (social conservatism plus economic liberation) or (social liberation plus controlled economy), and the voter must take the good with the bad, or leave them all. Unfortunately, the remaining election issues are turning into an area of local conflict or external trade-offs with allies and enemies.
The American two-party system uses political and media showmanship as a means to present monopoly under the guise of pluralism, but ultimately gives citizens one choice, for example, between supporting guns or supporting abortion, at least siding with the people who support one of them, in other words: to be tolerant of killing children in schools or killing children in the womb, otherwise you are out of the political game.
Let's give an example, here's the trick, a steak restaurant offers you a choice of two delicious sauces: mashed wild peaches with garlic and parsley, or Moroccan plums with onions and turmeric. You may be surprised by diversity of ingredients, but in reality it gives you the choice between one sauce and another and not between the amazing ingredients that surprised you.
In America you have the freedom to choose the final product, not the components.
Propaganda, media and advertisements make you enjoy watching endless ingredients that end up in (the two recipes), and polls change some of the secondary ingredients in the kitchen. That makes no difference, every four years, on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November, American citizens affirm their submission and compliance with the authoritarian two-party system and then choose 'one recipe'. Is that different in midterm elections? No! Is it different in state legislatures? Governor elections? No!
So, America is an authoritarian country, but still smart and beautiful
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I mostly agree with your post, well said.

I would only change your steak restaurant analogy, we are not really given the choice between two sauces of different ingredients, but basically the same sauce just of different colors.
But why is any major difference in party numbers particularly interesting when geo politically you are only interested in dealing with the top power and finance brokers ?
Political parties are , at best , housing shelter for junior middle managers .
Not that even Normies know that , let alone the great unwashed Sheeple .

And once you know where real strategy is created and manipulated you go there, and in the US that is with the Shadow Government and regardless of whether it is made up from the ranks of one , two or more parties .

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