The Constitutional Implications of 3D Printing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by g5000, Dec 28, 2012.

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    I'm sure many of you are fed up with the umpteen gun control topics, and like me, you don't open any more of them.

    However, there is something coming down the pike from an entirely different angle that you may not be aware of, and it is a fascinating thing to ponder.

    3D printing and the Wiki Weapon Project.

    Call him a maniac, call him a genius, call him what you will, but this guy is working on creating a design for a 3D gun which you can download and print on a 3D printer.

    Pro or anti gun, your reaction is probably the same as mine was. "HOLY SHIT!!!"

    Talk about untraceable! Talk about proliferation!

    But let's talk about the Bill of Rights.

    At first glance, this looks like a Second Amendment issue. But from where I am sitting, this is a First Amendment issue. Right? It's software. It's information.

    We are entering a brave new world...

    Just as an aside, I am just a few feet away from a 3D printer, and I have held many objects made on it. I am not sure I would want to fire a gun made out of that stuff. I don't think it is that strong.
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    3d printing started at a University by college graduates.

    That's important because many in the right wing feel education is for snobs and something not necessary. They also believe most inventions and discoveries come from corporations or from people working out their garage.

    To be a service person for 3d printers will require learned skills and training, both of which will require funding. Learned skills and training, two things the right feel are "overrated".

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