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Oct 31, 2012
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Aug 23, 2017 at 6:22 PM
    1. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      LOL shady brady is not even one of the top 20 best ever the fact he is a fraud.lol
    2. Votto
      Glad to give a laugh. I enjoy your posts, keep it up.
    3. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      LOL you're cracking me up in that Missississississississippi thread. :lol:
    4. Votto
      Why would I ever defend the GOP? I'm not a Republican.
    5. Truthmatters
      not going to answer?
    6. Truthmatters
      are you not aware of the long court documented history of the republican party cheating voters?
    7. PaulS1950
      Votto, you don't get spanked enough at home do you?
      (re. topic "Sex")
    8. AVG-JOE
      That's all I can ask, Brother. Thanks.
    9. Votto
      I think that the likelyhood of mining an stroid or the moon as being cost effective is a fantasy, of course, I've not run the numbers and would welcome numbers to be thrown my way to show otherwise. Of course, the big "if" Is what they are mining, isn't it? I imagine that an astroid made of gold, for example, would be cost effective. Too bad they don't exist.
    10. ScienceRocks
      Why do you think Eon mask has all the contracts for going to the asteroids and owns the first asteroid mining company.

      Earth isn't the be all and end all of resources.
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    Why nationalize industry when you can nationalize the people?

    -- Adolf Hitler