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WORLD's BASIC FACTS.rALL evealed by Assad's chemical arsenal ALONE


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Apr 26, 2014
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Assad's chemical arsenal ALONE
- reveals ALL of the WORLD's BASIC FACTS as expected from End Times Reductitonism.
- totally destroys the world as you know it, as expected from the BIG LIE technique pushed to the utter limits.

The world as you know it
It consists of assumed and unquestionable facts, with Temporality and Veracity types, among others.

Temporality types
What happened in the past, such as:
[1] Marshall plan, started 1947.
What's ongping for decades now, such as
[2] Daily headlines about the "Palestinian-Israeli conflct"
What's recently ongoing or just started, such as
[3] this week, in a matter of two days, the "ZIKA virus exploded around the world".
What will happen in the next time, such as
[4] YOU will accept MANDATORY vaccination against the ZIKA virus.

Veracity types
Logically unquestionable such as [1], Unquestionable such as [2] both referred to as undeniable.
The rest such as [3] and [4] is questionable, yet to be proven either true or false.
After executing what is detailed below you will know the answer to the four questions that appear by applying "WHY" to the previous four facts.
Here is the answers in advance [3]: because it's a complete hoax.

Your list of the WORLD's BASIC FACTS
It consists of of the undeniable facts that implicitly matter the most to you. In other words: what logically explains what's going on in the world.

Algorithm to get one or more of the WORLD's BASIC FACTS
Two steps is all it takes.
1. Apply the "WHY" operator to the undeniable fact.

2. Apply logic to your start list of UNDENIABLE facts to get a consequentlty undeniable answer.
In the simplest case the answer comes right from your start list of undeniable facts.
Ottherwise you will need to first establish the veracity of other logically required assertions.
In this sub-proess you additionally use other operators such as WHAT, WHEN, WHO or HOW.
Note that each time that you need to again apply "WHY" you are in fact entering a recursive process.

Examples of what's going in the world (undeniable facts)
All directly connnected to the war in Syria:
- We know since 2013 that in 2011, at the start of the war, Assad had one of the world's largest chemical arsenals.
- since 30 Sep 2015, Russia (or the Soviet Union) and USA are, for the first time EVER, bombing not only the same enemy but also in the same skies
- 12 million displaced including 4,5 million refugees in other countries out of a population of 20 million.
- not only all cities (Idlib, Ariha, etc) but also all city parts (Aleppo the largest, Damascus the capital) under rebel control are reduced to rubble by air bombings within months.
- since 2011 Assad bombs civilians and since 2013 drops barrel bombs and chemical weapons deisgned to target primarly civilians using helicopters flying at low altitude.
- this possible because rebels, after five years of war, still have no anti-aircraft wreapons whatsoever.
- videos of global destruction (starting with drone footage) and war based on targeting civilians (starting with helicopters dropping barrel bombs on markets, schools) totally censored in ALL TV stations.
- Assad's conscription means fighting along iranian and lebanese sh'ia butchers, which for most syrians means to target their own families as 80% of syrians are sunnis.
- refugees first fled bombs and conscription into camps in Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.
- they started massively trying to enter Europe after the UN drastically reduced food stamps at these refugee canmps mid 2015, upscaled months later by dayly dozens of russian airstrikes against civilian targets.
- previous fact totally censored in all media, not to mention any real interviews with refugees, which necessarily had to start by touching the previous facts (bombings, conscription).
- russian most advanced attack weaponry, from helicopters to jets, since Sept 2015, tens of thousands of iranians since 2012 in a country bordering NATO's Turkey and Israel.
- same for russian most advanced anti-aircraf systems since Dec 2015, although the rebels have no airforce whatsoever.
- although Iran named Israel as its #1 enemy and is also the only government officially denying the Holocaust and claiming that it will destroy Israel: not a beep from Israel's government, not to mention military action.
- although Russia is officially Iran's main weapons supplier: Israel government announces "military coordination" with Russia.
- not one single government has presented a demand to expell Assad from the UN, while scores call for expelling Israel.

Assad's chemical arsenal ALONE reveals ALL of WORLD's BASIC FACTS
Apply the previously presented algorithm to the first of these undeniable facts.
This gives:
WHY did Assad have one of the world's largest arsenals of chemical weapons in 2011?
To start answering the question start by checking the veracity of some of the presented undeniable facts here:
The Bible vs the Illuminati anti-Bible: Syria Gog Magog script changed by rebels

What the answer gives
As you follow the process to answer the question you will also:
- confirm the veracity of all the previous facts about the Syria war.
- confirm that the ZIKA virus pandemic is a hoax and the (logicallY unquestionable alias) undeniable fact that almost everyone (billions) who will be targeted with the KILL SHOT will accept it.
At this point you can imagine how much will you know about the world's BASIC facts after fully answering that one question.

Preview of the recursive process to find the answer to the ONE question of this article:
At some point you will have to pose the question: why will almost all accept the KILL SHOT?
The answer was already given much earlier than when you reached this point: Why did almost all accept the genocide of syrians?
An answer that requires you to know this: What are the basic facts about the Mark of the Beast?
An answer given by Last Prophet in one of the two most important pages written in the short story of the web but also the most horrible page ever written.

The ten basic facts about the Mark of the Beast
Mark of the Beast - Most Horrible Decision ever: 10 Basic Facts about the Mark of the Beast

BIG LIE TECHNIQUE: WORLD's BASIC FACTS.rALL evealed by Assad's chemical arsenal ALONE


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Oct 16, 2010
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There is no such thing as a civil war in Syria. Only mercenaries and terrorists supported by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and of course all our asshole western leaders.


Wise ol' monkey
Feb 6, 2011
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Okolona, KY
Did Assad really get rid of his chemical weapons?...

Chemical Weapons Watchdog Continues Hunt for Syria's Elusive Nerve Agent
Sep 16, 2016‎ - International inspectors find gaping holes in Syria's chemical weapons declarations, raising concern that Assad may have hidden some of his deadliest warfare agents.[/i]
When Syria disclosed its long-secret chemical weapons program in December 2013, it presented international weapons inspectors with a hard-to-swallow story: One of the regime’s premier chemical weapons facilities — an underground laboratory on the outskirts of Damascus that was designed to fill Scud missiles with a lethal nerve agent — had never in fact produced Sarin. The inspectors decided they would have to check for themselves. In three visits to the site, known as Hafir 1, specialists from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons started to believe they had caught Syria lying about the extent of its secret chemical-weapons development.

Samples collected at the site revealed the unmistakable presence of Sarin in the equipment used to mix the banned warfare agent and pour it into Soviet-era Scud or Tochka tactical ballistic missiles. They also betrayed traces of precursors for another, even deadlier nerve agent, VX, that Syria did not initially acknowledge using at the site. More signatures of Sarin were detected in two mobile filling units parked aboveground at the complex. Repeatedly pressed for answers over the last two-and-a-half years, Syrian officials have offered a series of evolving, and often contradictory, explanations that have only deepened the inspectors’ doubts. Damascus also claimed to have destroyed virtually all original records detailing its development of chemical weapons, making it all all but impossible to verify Syria’s chemical weapons claims.


In a meeting at The Hague with Syrian government officials in April 2016, the OPCW inspectors laid their cards on the table. The samples they collected at Hafir 1 “contain indicators of Sarin and VX, which suggests that chemical weapons may have been produced and weaponized in this facility,” they told the Syrians, according to an account of the exchange in a highly confidential report by the OPCW’s Declaration Assessment Team, or DAT. Foreign Policy has exclusively reviewed the 75-page report. The inspections at Hafir 1 — which have never been publicly detailed — are part of a wider effort by the world’s chemical weapons watchdog to determine whether Syria has really abided by a high-profile pledge it made three years ago to eliminate, under international supervision, a decades-old program designed to produce large quantities of mustard gas, Sarin, Soman, VX, and other lethal agents.

That agreement, brokered by the United States and Russia and so far seemingly upheld, became the Obama administration’s lone bright spot in the five-odd years of Syrian carnage. In an interview with Jeffrey Goldberg in the Atlantic, President Barack Obama said he was “very proud” of his decision to step back from a decision to bomb Syria and take the deal. The removal of Syria’s declared chemical weapons, added Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, constituted “the one ray of light in a very dark region.” But there’s growing reason to be concerned that Syria hasn’t come fully clean.


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