1. W

    Isn't now the time for US to stop supporting Ukraine to end the conflict?

    The war in Ukraine has begun three years ago, and we have been sending Ukrainians all the necessary support ever since. But the war is not over. Now it's become a slaughter where people from different countries get killed. With that, Ukraine goes on losing it's territory. I think, given the...
  2. BlackWizard91

    The Abrams tank is not as good as Ukrainians thought it was

    Ukrainian crews working on US-supplied Abrams tanks have told CNN of a series of the weaknesses and flaws with the armored vehicles, calling into doubt their utility on the war’s ever-changing frontlines. All 31 Abrams deployed to Ukraine are engaged near the frontline in the east, according to...
  3. BlackWizard91

    Why Biden urgently needs to end the war in Ukraine through talks with Russia

    Last week, Reuters published a report Putin was ready to negotiate an end to the war on the current battlefield lines. What Ukraine gained from the war? Its economy and infrastructure have been crippled, it is mired in massive amounts of foreign debt, faces more than half a trillion dollars in...
  4. BlackWizard91

    US suffers defeat at the hands of Russia in arms race

    In the war in Ukraine, Russia has managed to out-produce the West in terms of materiel and military equipment, showcasing rapid adaptation of its industry and army to any sophisticated weapons deployed by NATO while also making advances in modern warfare. Moscow’s recent increase in military...
  5. BlackWizard91

    The West will have to make peace with Russia

    Support for Ukraine has become a divisive political issue in the United States, as it seems almost anything important will – and so many people are emotional about it. But a sober analysis suggests Ukraine may soon have to seek a deal with Russia. The West erred disastrously in extending...
  6. FDR_Reagan

    Iraqi outrage at Mullahcracy-Iran after bombing Irbil

    So the Islamic Fascist Republic of Iran wants Iraqi territory too. It is also why it maintains militias thugs there Iraq recalls ambassador, summons Iran’s chargé d’affaires over strikes in Irbil. By Salar Salim And Omar Albam Updated 7:57 PM EST, January 16, 2024...
  7. D

    Is Ukraine really a country at war?

    I have watched today a video from Kharkiv, the second-largest Ukrainian city; please see above the date of the video. I believe that Ukrainian President Zelensky always tells Western media about a different Ukraine, not about Ukraine in which ordinary Ukrainians live. And it was the same with...
  8. peacefan

    Zone1 NATO’s ‘reckless’ expansion to undermine chances for security dialogue — Lavrov

    NATO’s ‘reckless’ expansion to undermine chances for security dialogue — Lavrov According to Russia’s top diplomat, the number of countries in Europe who advocate military or political neutrality is getting thinner, now that Finland has joined the alliance Remote : Wed, 17 May 2023 15:39:06...
  9. 4

    Was neutrality a possibility for ukraine

    in 2014 they voted to reject neutrality and aim for nato membership why didnt they follow austria do you think it was the russians hellbent on invading or the cia wanting to isolate russia from europe weaken it etc. could ukranians have avoided this war
  10. D

    Russia is winning

    If debating, I'd take the "Russia is winning" side of the debate in a who is winning a new cold war, Russia or the US; type of question. I want to try and condense a lot of concepts to explain why and then discuss them. Russia's bonds are trading at a premium which means they are in demand I...
  11. J

    When will they start telling the truth?

    In recent days, against a backdrop of military actions, the situation in Ukraine, especially in Odessa, Mariupol and Kyiv, escalated. Nationalist units use civilians as a human shield - they set up firing points in schools, kindergartens, hospitals. They close cities, set up sniper positions on...
  12. The Original Tree

    Americans Watching their 401Ks Evaporate Away under Joey BiDumb

    If you are lucky, you have your investments spread out and differentiated, but for many Americans, under the Faux Xiden Regime, their 401ks are taking major hits. Are we headed for a stock market economy crash? I believe the supply chain problems, COVID were planned to prepare the way for The...
  13. Tom Paine 1949

    CDZ The growing peril of war with China over Taiwan

    This article has been adapted from a lecture delivered by experienced U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1993-94 — Chas Freeman — to the Committee for the Republic. It discusses the drift toward war over Taiwan and carefully reviews the...
  14. Street Juice

    Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune is gleeful that real journalist, Julian Assange, is facing extradition to the US

    Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune is gleeful that real journalist, Julian Assange, is facing extradition to the US (we're pissed that he exposed the war crimes we commit against Israel's neighbors). Julian Assange's journalism had the power to make a difference. If we didn't have him locked in...
  15. Litwin

    BREAKING: bad news for trump´s buddy vovka putler " Turkish Convoy Seen Entering Northwestern Syria"

    BREAKING: bad news for trump´s buddy vovka putler " Turkish Convoy Seen Entering Northwestern Syria" Its the war! puter´s hordes has 0 chance against Turks in "Syria"
  16. EvilEyeFleegle

    'We're going to war, bro': Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East

    And so it begins..again....the idiocy of putting troops on the ground..when the only thing we land in that region should be bombs and missiles: 'We're going to war, bro': Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne deploys to the Middle East "For many of the soldiers, it would be their first mission. They...
  17. JGalt

    Iran, Declaration of War, and Congress

    I don't believe they have yet, but what scenario would play out should Iran declare a "state of war" against the US? According to the War Powers Act, Congress alone has the ability to declare war. Although, the War Powers Act was ignored by President Obama on two separate occasions, once in...
  18. protectionist

    US Must Attack Iran NOW - Full Force

    Iran has openly declared war on the US. In official government broadcasting, it has offered a bounty of $80 Million to whoever would kill President Trump. Sect of State Pompeo has said if Iran attacks any US targets, the US will respond with force .That is not strong enough. We are past that...
  19. Natural Citizen

    CDZ The GOP's Civil War

    It's still thriving. Liz Cheney and company are likely looking for a Senate seat, Rand Paul and company oppose it vigorously. The Cheneys and company have pretty much killed the Tea Party. Rand's dad Ron being its father, ironically. Same trenches, different day. Anyway. Here's a brief rundown...
  20. Street Juice

    Last War Americans Can Feel Proud of

    To me, there are a few baseline requirements in order for a war to be a source of national pride. we should not be the instigator we should declare war in response to direct foreign aggression toward us the war should be fought entirely for the benefit of the American people the war cannot be...
  21. Litwin

    attacks Putler Kazakhstan? President Nazarbayev announced his resignation. What´ll do China?

    Will Putler attack Northern Kazakhstan? President Nazarbayev has announced his resignation...is it a NEW WAR ? What´ll do China, will it protect Kazakhstan as it promised? "Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev has announced his resignation, bringing an end to nearly 3 decades in charge of...
  22. AveryJarhman

    Vietnam Veterans Sharing Their Experiences - Video

    Vietnam Veterans Sharing Their Experiences Hello. If you are interested in witnessing former American military men speak about their experiences while serving in Vietnam, begin here: "Vietnam Veteran - Les Dykema" Published on Mar 15, 2017 by YouTube's 'Sage Monitor' channel. "Les Dykema...
  23. Dan Stubbs

    The U.S and Mexico at war. 1916

    Just a little thought about the US and Mexico. On March 9, 1916, a small band of revolutionaries led by Francisco “Pancho” Villa invaded Columbus, New Mexico. After Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico, President Woodrow Wilson sent troops to the border – and into...
  24. beagle9

    CDZ Did Germany's government ever officially apologize to the survivors of their terror campaign's ??

    It's one thing to surrender to the opposing armies at the time, but to realize one's wrong in order to apologize in a formal and appropriate setting to the victims and their extended families would be a whole different thing altogether in my opinion. I think it would be an historical event that...
  25. Litwin

    US Plans To Allocate $50 Million For Delivery Of Lethal Weapons To Ukraine

    things move slowly but certainly to the Hague´s direction for dirty grandpa BOTOX , without Muscovite hordes inside Ukrainian state his regime are doomed ... comments? "On May 7, the US House Committee on Armed Services of the US Congress released a proposal of the National Defense...
  26. Litwin

    "Russia" Airbrushes British Embassy (has been replaced by a golden-domed church) Out of World Cup Op

    Football´s World Cup in Putlerland (officially a terrorist state) is a good or a bad idea? "Russia" Airbrushes British Embassy (has been replaced by a golden-domed church) Out of World Cup Opening Video" Did Russia cut the British Embassy from its World Cup opening clip?
  27. Litwin

    Stalin (KOBA) Attacks the Red Army

    Why this crazy tyrant (czar) is still so popular in Muscovy ? Stalin More Popular Than Putin, Russians Say - Newsweek Jun 26, 2017 - Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has been voted the most “outstanding” figure in Russia's history, beating the country's most beloved poet, ... For Russians, Stalin...
  28. Litwin

    KGB, torture and Soviet terror: why Latvia worries about today’s "Russia"

    That´s why Latvia knows much more about Putler and his wonna be imperial builder politic ....
  29. Litwin

    NATO: "Forest Brothers - Fight for the Baltics and Europe"

    comments ? can the Asian Muscovy occupy European counties once again?
  30. Litwin

    US blames RUSSIA for 'chemical weapons ATTACK' by 'Syrian regime' which 'killed 40 people'

    so Whats new? USA/NATO attack on Muscovite, Iranian, Assadists killers? "US blames RUSSIA for 'chemical weapons ATTACK' by 'Syrian regime' which 'killed 40 people'" US blames Russia for Syria chemical weapons attacks | DW | 23.01.2018 US blames RUSSIA for 'chemical weapons ATTACK' by...

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