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  • I didn't know you but today I feel like I did. I always read your posts when I saw them and was glad I had. I know you're not dead, just someplace else as a new baby girl or maybe a boy this time around. It doesn't matter, your spirit is eternal and I wish you all the best on your new journey
    Hope this holiday season be filled with prosperity and happiness for you and your family. With warm greetings to you from mine and may you and yours experience many more.

    Happy Holidays!
    Lol I love you tiny. You understand things nobody else pays attention to. We even get made fun of for it. Ignorance is Bliss :)
    you pick the coolest avis my friend.I like to imagine these hot babes are,WHY do you have that troll the hawk on your friends list? he goes around trolling saying oswald was the lone assassin just so you know.
    How about R Kelly's tribute song to obama with his criminal pass.

    Pedophile pees on 13 year old girl then pays tribute to democrat presideny obama.
    The nugent thread is all about the title and keeping that title where it can be read, on the 1st page, the content is irrelevant, I have had my last word in the thread. I will not help them with thier tactics.

    The title is the political propaganda to be read over and over, content is only relevant to keep the thread alive.

    I may start a thread, democrat pedophile convicted, colleagues silent
    Dear Tiny, Merry Christmas to you! Best wishes to you and your love ones! Thank you for your passionate fighting for the truth, for presenting the things as they are and for all your support. Also thanks for being beautiful and tiny :)
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