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  1. A

    Terrorists’ New Chemical Provocation Failed in Idlib

    Amid a successful offensive of the Syrian army further into Idlib province the fighter groups attempted to prepare a new chemical provocation. Sources in Idlib province based near a camp of the Hayat Tahrir al Sham terrorist group said that a group of fighters, up to 15, had made a failed...
  2. Litwin

    BREAKING: bad news for trump´s buddy vovka putler " Turkish Convoy Seen Entering Northwestern Syria"

    BREAKING: bad news for trump´s buddy vovka putler " Turkish Convoy Seen Entering Northwestern Syria" Its the war! puter´s hordes has 0 chance against Turks in "Syria"
  3. A

    Erdogan Goes to Double-Front War in Syria and Lybia

    On February 20, the world mass media reported the death of two more Turkish servicemen in Syria following clashes between opposition and Government forces in Idlib province. This case could break a new ground for wild-scale invasion of Turkish army to Syria – the move which was mentioned by...
  4. EvilEyeFleegle

    Trump lifts sanctions on Turkey, says cease-fire permanent

    Trump sold out the Kurds..ceded power in the region to Russia and endorses Endogan's invasion, all in a week's time! Are we safer as a result? Have we traded short term safety for long-term trouble? One thing is certain..about 500 ISIS fighters are happy with his decisions! Assad is happy..and...
  5. A

    US serviceman: I Regret We Allow Kurdish Genocide.

    Turkish “Peace Spring” military operation, which started on October 9, has made a splash among US policy makers. The president’s decision to withdraw troops from operation area has split the nation’s political elite into two halves. Some officials say Washington shouldn’t have abandoned the...
  6. A

    Turkey Does Not Object Cooperation With ISIS… If It Helps Kill Kurds

    Turkey’s “Peace Spring” operation against Kurds in northern Syria has shown its scaring trends in developments of the Syrian conflict. During all the last week the international community was witnessing the increasing of terrorist cells’ activities and Turkey’s actions over them. Every new case...
  7. A

    US Really Forget About Allies in Syria?

    The poor American policy in Syria resulted in the fact that American servicemen, who run a mission there, became one of the main prisoners of this policy. The Pentagon cheerfully reports that has withdrawn 50 soldiers to Iraq, but forgets to add: there’re at least 1100 left. The atmosphere of...
  8. TheProgressivePatriot

    House approves resolution opposing Trump administration Syria troop withdrawal

    Trumps support in congress among Republicans is crumbling !! He should be awfully nervous about this with the impeachment issue looming. The only question is, what will the Senate do Syria House vote: Resolution opposing Trump administration troop withdrawal approved - CNNPolitics
  9. JGalt

    Don't forget why we were involved in Syria, in the first place...

    Do you remember why we became involved in Syria? Pepperidge Farm Remembers. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton came up with the concept of the "The Arab Spring" in order to depose Assad and allow the Muslim Brotherhood to further their creation of their 'Caliphate'. That is the sole reason they...
  10. deanrd

    Trump to troops: we’re not suckers of the world.

    Trump to troops: we’re not suckers of the world. Forget the lies. Trump’s speech to the troops went on and on about how we’re being taken advantage of. And we’re not being reimbursed. How are the troops expected to fight for people overseas when Trump is telling them those people aren’t...
  11. defcon4

    US, UK and France Prepare New Strike Against Syria

    Apparently, Western powers are staging yet another false flag "chemical attack" against civilian population in Syria, thus creating the "reason" for attacking various industrial targets, points out the Russian Defense Ministry. We shouldn't be surprised to hear that indeed chlorine gas gets used...
  12. deanrd

    Russian military eager to carry out plans Trump and Putin agreed to at secret meeting.

    Understanding the Syria moment at the Trump-Putin news conference Russian military offers to cooperate with US in Syria Russia's Defense Ministry says it's ready to boost cooperation with the U.S. military in Syria, following talks between U.S. President Donald Trump and Russian President...
  13. defcon4

    Russia's State TV Instructing Russian Citizens To Start Prepping For The Armageddon!

    Russia's state television is airing instructions how to prepare for a nuclear war disaster. Let's hope it won't get to that point.
  14. The Original Tree

    President Trump Needs To Force Congress To Act On Syria

    Syria is Congress’ Problem and The Previous Adminstration’s Problem. It was Rice, Kerry, Obama and Clinton who brought Russia in to Syria to deal with Chemical Weapons instead of dealing with them directly. Instead Russia helped Syria build Military Bases while Congress did nothing. Congress...
  15. K9Buck

    What are our NATO allies doing about Syria?

    Nothing? I've come to the conclusion that Assad needs to be removed, but only if European units such as the Germans and French do the dirty work on the ground. My guess is that our so-called "allies" in NATO aren't going to do shit about Syria.
  16. sadyk

    Shameful betrayal and Turkey’s elaborate plan

    Ankara is intending to lure representatives of SDF and YPG. Among them Turkish intelligence is planning to establish an alternative movement which will be fully subordinate to Erdogan. Yesterday it became known that the former representative of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Talal Silo...
  17. sadyk

    Russia – the only ally of Kurds

    Traditionally, the most ardent enemies of the Kurds are Turkish leaders. High-ranking officials of Ankara oppose all associations of the Kurdish people with amazing periodicity. Yesterday the Russian and Turkish Presidents Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan held talks for many hours. As...
  18. sadyk

    The truth about Abu Kamal: the story told by an eyewitness

    Leaving Abu Kamal terrorists have mined almost every centimeter of this settlement. It hinders the movements of our servicemen along the streets of the city. Today mass media provides contradictory information about the situation in Abu Kamal that has happened to be the last outpost of the IS...
  19. sadyk

    Israel foments a war in the Middle East

    Israel's air defense shot down the Syrian Mohajer-4 drone over the Syrian province of Quneitra. According to preliminary information, the SAA officers used the UAV for conducting reconnaissance of the positions of the militants, who were preparing to attack the Druze tribes... Today it can be...
  20. sadyk

    Should terrorists’ relatives be found guilty?

    Why the IS rebels’ relatives have remembered about human rights institutions November 10, 2017 will go down in history as a day of liberation of Syria from the IS organization. Successful operations of the Government Forces and their allies allowed to gain control over all major population...
  21. sadyk

    Will Sipan Hamo represent the Kurdish people at the congress in Sochi?!

    Today our editors office has become aware of the breaking news: national Kurdish hero Sipan Hamo will be one of the official representatives of the Kurdish people in Sochi! Today the forthcoming National Dialogue Congress is being discussed everywhere in Syria. Indeed, Abu Kamal, the last...
  22. sadyk

    ISIS field commander’s sensational confession!

    He didn’t want to fight, but he had to: confession of the HTS and ISIS gunman captured in Syria They are armed, sure of their permissiveness and impunity and consider themselves very dangerous. ISIS* terrorists executed bloody sentences of the Sharia court without hesitation. Savage reprisals...
  23. sadyk

    The Americans got into a stalemate in the southeast of Syria

    Kurdish military units would not be happy to receive the defeated American combatants as the Kurds’ leaders do not approve of Washington’s policy. As it was previously reported by the Iraqi militia Hashd al-Shaabi, the Airborn unit of General Suheil’s division unexpectedly landed in the rear of...
  24. sadyk

    Syrian Troops Storming Abu Kamal

    General Suheil’s assault teams have put foot at the Iraqi border, southwest of Abu Kamal, and started storming the ISIS’ last outpost. Iraqi militants from Hashd ash-Shaabi (the Shiite mobilization forces) announced via social nets that Syria liberation operation moved into a final phase. Abu...
  25. Litwin

    Exclusive: Death certificate offers clues on Russian casualties (131 ) in Syria

    of coz, will never rapport casualties in "Syria" or Ukraine, or Georgia. does it mean that "Syria" is Afghanistan N2 already? "MOSCOW (Reuters) - An official document seen by Reuters shows that at least 131 Russian citizens died in Syria in the first nine months of this year, a number...
  26. Litwin

    "Russia" says general killed in Syria held senior post in Assad's army

    without American air-support , Muscovite generals dies like flies in "Syria". Is "Syria" becoming the second A-stan for Muscovy? Russia says general killed in Syria held senior post in Assad's army
  27. Litwin

    "Russia" Slowly but Surely Putting an End to the American Empire

    I will post more of Muscovite paid propaganda from " russia-insider", RT, Sputik, life -news , channel 1 , etc. its funny ;) this time " russia-insider" (Kiselev/Olgino ) suggests, that self-proclaimed " "Russia" (as mr. google said "Nigeria in snow") Slowly but Surely Putting an End to the...
  28. The Original Tree

    Muh Hillary! Muh Putin! <3

    Trump is Putin's biggest nightmare right now. Trump always has been and is his own man. You could not give Trump $125 Million to sell out his country and give our Uranium away. He would take a $125 Million to build you a skyscraper, and that's ok with me so long as it's on the up and up...
  29. cnelsen

    Stay the hell away from Iran, Neocons

    Stephen Chapman, writing in Reason, compares watching American policymakers prepare for regime change in Iran (and, I'll add, Syria) is like watching Wile E. Coyote opening a package of dynamite he ordered. "No matter how clever his scheme, you know that sooner or later, he'll get blown up. He...
  30. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Breaking News U.S. to list China among worst human trafficking offenders: sources

    U.S. to list China among worst human trafficking offenders: sources WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States plans to place China on its global list of worst offenders in human trafficking and forced labor, said a congressional source and a person familiar with the matter, a step that could...

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