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Dec 5, 2008
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I've heard so many references to it, and when I google it, I get 100 different definitions.

What exactly was GamerGate?
Gamergate is a controversy related to sexism in video game culture. It garnered significant public attention after August 2014 when sexist andmisogynistic attacks were targeting a number of women within the video game industry. Prominent targets of the attacks include female game developers Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu, and cultural critic Anita Sarkeesian. These attacks were primarily performed under the Twitter hashtag#gamergate and at times coordinated in the online forums of Reddit, 4chan, and 8chan. The harassment included the revealing of targeted women's private information (doxing), threats of rape, and death threats, including a threat of a mass shooting at a public speaking event. The leaderless, amorphous group that acted under the hashtag has become known as the "Gamergate movement".

Gamergate is widely viewed as a manifestation of a culture war over gaming culture diversification, artistic recognition and social criticism of video games, and the gamer social identity. Many users of the hashtag have said that their goal is to improve the ethical standards of video game journalism by opposing social criticism in video game reviews, which they see as being the result of an unethical conspiracy among their ideological opponents—particularly feminism and the social justice movement. Commentators from Columbia Journalism Review, The Guardian, The Week,Vox, NPR's On the Media, Wired, Der Bund, and Inside Higher Ed, among others, have described the ethical concerns that Gamergate has focused on as being broadly debunked, calling them either trivial, based on conspiracy theories, unfounded in fact, or unrelated to actual issues of ethics in the industry.

Gamergate controversy - Wikipedia the free encyclopedia


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Apr 20, 2012
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A female indy game developer allegedly was sleeping with gaming journalists to get positive reviews. When her boyfriend found out, he blew a gasket and blogged about it. Gamers got pissed and started screaming about the lack of ethics in gamer journalism.

It got out of control on twitter and she got vile stuff tweeted at and about her, including multiple threats ... so bad she left her home in fear (think she's still not back home).

Somewhere in there, she is accused of sabotaging other female developers with these journalists despite her claiming gamers are misogynists and we need more women in the field.

She's a liar and a cheater, but it is not clear that the sex was for reviews. The gamers were brutal and out of line. Intel got fed up and pulled out from the game developers' site.

High school drama.

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