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Two America's two different belief systems


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May 6, 2015
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Floor E Da

that is the way the 21st century left wing bozos want it, then they can politically choke on it.
Just look at the income tax revenue and see if there arent two separate thoughts on the UnUnited States. Those that are US citizens and contribute to society are on the top half of the chart, the other 50% just sit there like holes that must be filled by a government welfare system. You would think after spending 28 trillion dollars of working peoples money on the poor, the poor wouldnt be poor, but that isnt how it works, because the poor are too fucking lazy to get off their ass and find a job that would make them money..


The estimated aggregate cost of the War on Poverty is nearly $28 trillion, which is three and a half times higher than the $8 trillion total price tag of every major war since the American Revolution.

It’s Time to Admit the Feds Are Making Poverty Worse—Not ...


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