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  • so you name call over links well the links are there.....and now you refuse to say anything...
    So i answered your stupid post read the link, and nothing was mentioned about President Trump on Jefferies Fantasy Island. Figures bitches like you would diss, once proven you are fucked in the brain...eerr you werent one of those girls abused by Clinton were you?
    You live in Virginia? What part if so? Moving to Lynchburg area this summer, maybe Shenandoah Valley after we settle in.
    You are just cucked by Trump.

    He is the big dick leader, you are the small dick follower. You have no brain, so you do whatever some other man tells you.
    You have a mental issue and need to seek help. Do you have a hard on for me? Sure seems that you do.
    montana and bradshaw are the two QB;s that STILL hold the record for most superbowl wins since they are not cheating frauds.only question is who is the best of those two.
    he has taiinted a game and i will never give him credit for having the games GIVEN to him when they were not like that in the past.he is no more champion that Bonds has the most home runs in modern times.hank arron does in the modern age.both need to have their records taken away.
    also these games are as phony as pro wrestling these days.most the players on the falcons team LET them come back and win on purpose,these games are scripted dude,they did not used to be that way back in their day.the game is corrupt,back then it was not,
    he plays in the weakest division ever,a division teams that are pathetic and dont belong in the NFL.they could not beat a high school team.If he played in the days when the bills had jim kelly and dolhins had dan marino when the game wasnt fixed and rigged as it is now i would give him credit.
    brady isnt even one of the top 20 best ever he is a cheating fraud.He never would have lasted more than a year back in the days of montana and bradshaw when they could throw you around like a doll and the defenders could mug the recievers,get wit the program dude.
    Well , Brady has won more SB rings than any other QB. I don't really like the Patriots, but give due, what he has achieved.
    The smartest woman in the world and had no clue her cheating husband was putting a Cuban cigar where cigars don't belong.
    A new ISIS video shows four gay men being thrown to their deaths from the roof of a building the day legislation of same-sex marriage passed
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