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The Killing Of The United States of America


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Jan 11, 2021
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You live in lies don't you?

Too bad. When yhe bubble bursts, though, there are those who can help with your cult sickness.

No lies at all.

the troll gets his ass handed to him on a platter.
Biden killed them.
And he sinks deeper into the cult.
Isn't that exactly what Biden voting scum like you would say if the same thing happened during the Trump administration? Of course it is.

However, it never did happen under Trump and it never would because Trum didn't encourage millions of illegals to flood across the border.
And the cult sucks him deeper and deeper.
That's what you say whenever facts are posted.
And the cult just keeps on humming in your ear.

Here's your chance debbie...

Show me the millions streaming over the border. show them to me right now.

And, if you can't you're a fool as well as a liar.

You can do it!
And by that I mean


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Sep 13, 2012
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Near Magnolia, TX
If the Democrats are allowed to pass and implement this bill, you will have two choices, accept the loss of everything this country has ever stood for, or prepare for the second American Revolution.

This is the most comprehensive explanation of what's in HR-1 that I've seen. Please read the complete report before commenting. Thanks in advance.


I have been saying this ad nauseam since Biden was elected - we have reached a point in this country where one of two things will happen. (1) Either the American people will roll over in their slumber only to wake up and found that it is far too late - the country is lost to the "elites" in this country that "claim" to be looking out for you and me or (2) Patriots will rise to defend this country against those who would seek to take us into a communist style country and an all-out Civil War will begin.

Sadly - I look to the first option to carry the day.............

First things first. Welcome to the board.

Unfortunately if patriots take to the streets the way the commies did last summer, you could bet they'd be met with totally different tactics. The police won't sit on their hands. You only need look at the Capitol, the commies wouldn't hesitate to order soldiers to open fire on unarmed US citizens.


Agreed. What was it? 300 people arrested on the west coast during their "riots" and the judicial system released 98% of them. This summer ought to be interesting. Remember, they hate Democrats as much as conservatives do........

But they both hate the US.


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