The account of genesis was recorded in the symbols of the first written language 4500 years ago


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The Bible correctly states that we come from dust. Star dust to be specific. As matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed all matter and energy were created when space and time were created. Since that time matter and energy has only changed form. Since we were created through natural processes which were controlled by the laws of nature, the matter and energy that we are made of was at one time or another... star dust.



John 3:14 Jesus is admittingly the Nesach
The serpent (false prophet) in Genesis declares believe in his tree and you will not die, Jesus makes this promise to believe in his cross (mark of death=the beast) and you will not die even though his kingdom is in death and you are eternally dead-opposite the creators creation of life and the Hebrew concept of paradise on earth (in life).
Surely we find 50 million murders later and millions of cross ridden gravesites that Jesus was indead this serpent he himself claimed to be.
So you're saying that the bible was copied off of the Chinese?
So you're saying that the bible was copied off of the Chinese?
The Bible tells of a people who rejected God before the Jews. That would have been the Chinese.
So then being copied off the Chinese proves that the bible is made up.
That went right over your head, didn't it. No, it proves the veracity of the Bible, you dumbfuck.
The bible is supposed to be the word of god, not the word of the Chinese. :lol:
Moses never existed. /thread.

Folks get the book Mythology's Last God's Yahweh and Jesus by William Harwood. If you are literate you will see that generations of folks have been mind fucked by delusional, racist "rabbis" who stole assorted mythology and applied it to themselves.
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1) we don't worship Moses nor any of the characters, so they don't have to be real
to know theft and murder is wrong.
I think you are confusing us with Luciferians who need their fallen icon to be real because they worship him as a god.
2) The Kohanim Gene shows the Aaronic (Moses Brother) lineage is real.
3)The Egyptian Heiroglyphs and records show a Moses existed in high status at that time.
Moses was born about 1525 B.C., and the daughter of the reigning Pharaoh (Tutmoses I) who found him in the Nile was princess Nefure, who later became known as Queen Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt.
Moses is found as the son held by her in Egyptian statues and was historically called
Tutmoses II which had a semitic nosed Egyptian statue as well.
4)I think I remember there being other cultures also written. Phonecians?
I forget.
5)The archeological evidence of the Egyptian army getting stuck in the mud of the reed sea, artifacts were found burried there I believe spears and wheels?
6)the traditions and holidays help validate events.
7)history shows there was an event from the famine years where stored grains got tainted and were used to feed the elder sons (first borns did die).
8)it's a fact that migratory birds often don't make the trip and drop from exhaustion (manna food dropping from the sky).
9)Moses being highly educated and knowledgable of the region would know how to get water flowing out the hallowed rock flow of water by breaking off the tips of formation he would recognize through that education.
10) The commands on tablets were stored in the ark since that time and this is recorded to have existed by many writers.
It was stored with the staff (HaShevet)
of Moses.
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Revisionist Jewish history dates the origin of the Tenakh to the Babylonian Captivity sometime in the 6th Century BCE. If you believe that story then, the Bible all started with the Jews in Babylon.

If you want to put your faith in Moses, then he penned it himself around 1425 BCE during his last years east of the Jordan before he left Joshua in charge and disappeared.

There is no justification for thinking anything in Genesis is literal however. I'm pretty sure Moses dreamed this entire book (called Bereshet in ancient Hebrew) up himself.

We get a better historical account about Moses from Josephus Flavius in the 1st Century A.D. actually. But he also falls into the trap of believing and trying to document Genesis/Bereshet.

Same mistake as you are making too.

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