I'm soon going to be painting my nails while my husband flips back & forth between the Nascar race & the Ohio State game. (I think it's Ohio State... some college football game. :) )

But no rockstar supernova.
Dilanna has it. I can't believe Lucas made it so far. Go Canada. :banana:

I like it. I prefer "Yo. Dude. That sucked." :laugh:

Dilana's been bottom three the past few weeks....ever since she did that awful media meet and greet. Hope she's a goner next time around. I think it's either Magni or Toby (probably Magni, but I really want Toby to win)....

lol re Lukas... I don't like him at all. But the voters seem to like him.
There was some girl that's from around here that was apparently on there for a while. I dunno, I've never seen it. I have seen clips of Brooke Burke on there, and man is she bad at hosting this thing.
So... your Canadian, Lukas, got the nod, eh?

Seems there are some issues with the band's name, though:

Supernova Sue 'Rock Star: Supernova' Producers, Bandmembers
07.11.2006 4:40 PM EDT

Punks file trademark infringement suit; evidence suggests producers were warned name was taken.

Nine days before the July 5 broadcast premiere of Mark Burnett's "Rock Star: Supernova" on CBS, the three members of Orange County, California, punk trio Supernova — who formed back in 1989 and released four albums, including 2000's Pop as a Weapon — filed a lawsuit against the show's producers, charging trademark infringement.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in San Diego, names Mark Burnett Productions, Rockstar Entertainment Inc. and CBS Broadcasting as defendants, along with Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke — the three future members of the group this season's "Rock Star" is supposed to spawn and endow with a lead singer. After someone's chosen to front the band, the foursome will eventually record and release fresh material before touring the nation, all under the Supernova moniker (see "Supernova To Tommy Lee's 'New' Supernova: Hey, That's Our Name!").

The suit filed by the original Supernova — bassist Art Mitchell, drummer Dave Collins and guitarist Jodey Lawrence, who joined the band in 1994 — seeks a jury trial, as well as the destruction of all "labels, signs, prints, packages, wrappers, containers, advertisements, electronic media and other materials bearing the Supernova mark."

The band also wants the show's producers to "publish clarifying statements that [the show is] not associated with [the punk band]," and is seeking punitive and compensatory damages, attorneys fees and the "profits and all damages sustained by [the band] due to [the] misuse of plaintiff's Supernova mark."

In addition, the filing requests that the show's producers be prohibited from trademarking the Supernova name; the suit claims seven applications have been filed thus far for the band name, and another two for "Rock Star: Supernova."

Supernova, who have booked several live gigs for August and are in the midst of recording an album they'd like to release before year's end, claim in the suit that the "Rock Star" producers willingly ignored the fact that the Supernova name was and still is in use, and therefore, unavailable. The suit further alleges that "individuals within defendants' own organizations informed defendants of plaintiff's rights in the Supernova mark."

Perhaps the strongest bit of evidence supporting that claim comes from Butch Walker, who the show's producers recruited to co-write and produce the inaugural offering from the other, still-singer-less Supernova. In a MySpace message dated May 11, provided as an exhibit within the filing, Walker wrote, "I can't believe those dudes chose your name. For the record, I tried to talk them out of it. I told them I had a CD by a band from back in the day called Supernova and they were retarded for [using the name]. They didn't listen. Good on ya for making a stink about it."

The Walker correspondence, according to the suit, "clearly illustrates defendants' bad faith intent to willfully infringe plaintiff's Supernova mark." Upon learning that the show's producers had decided on Supernova as the name for the band anchored by Lee, Clarke and Newsted, the original band "demanded, and continues to demand, that defendants cease all such infringing uses" of the name. But, "defendants continue to knowingly and deliberately infringe" on Supernova's rights, which "has caused, and is likely to continue to cause, confusion and mistake among consumers as to source, sponsorship, and approval of defendants' goods."

In short, that passage says the original Supernova are concerned that people seeking their albums and merchandise might purchase the newer band's instead.

The documents further allege that the producers' use of the Supernova name will cut into the original Supernova's future income, as it will intentionally interfere "with plaintiff's business relationships," thus causing the band to lose "prospective economic damages," such as merchandising deals and offers to perform.

Calls to CBS for comment were not returned by press time. Likewise, the original Supernova's attorney, John Mizhir, could not be reached for comment.
So... your Canadian, Lukas, got the nod, eh?


I just watched Dilanna's 'original' from week 10. Personally, I think it's all fixed, and if she had any chance, she blew it with her prissy attitude close to the end and the song she wrote and sang on that episode. I mean, could it be more obvious that she was singing about the 'judges'. You should have seen the look on their faces. Oh well, Go Canada. :banana:

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