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Rick Scott on 11-Point Plan with 128 Promises from Republicans: ‘We Win Elections by Having Plans’: "We will name the wall after Donald Trump"


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Jun 27, 2011
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sw mizzouri
You know damn well that Social Security is not going to be eliminated. There were ideas to privatize or partially privatize it in the 1980's when the government made a massive tax increase in it. This after a good tax increase in the 1970's. Anyway, the young Baby Boomers who wanted to move to at least a partially privatized plan were told to shut up. Well they started to retire 10 years ago or so. And now it is not so much fun with all the money coming in used for all the other programs instead of saving the surpluses for SS recipients. Those surpluses are ending. And the payers are becoming the payees.
I am the young baby boomers and I did not want it privatized I will be eligible for SS in June of '23.

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