Republicans know we are a Democracy. They just admitted it.

Not even close.

In fact I'm not sure you even understand what this thread is really about.
The Thread is titled "Republicans know we are a Democracy" you started the thing and once called out on your ignorance you try and change it.

The US has always been a Constitutional Republic end of story. The Founders where clear on the subject and the very words of the Constitution enforce that. As I've said you have been duped into thinking you are going to lose something if you don't act a certain way.
You started this thread on a phony semantic issue and linked to a source one has to pay to view.
Making mountains out of molehills, and being a fraud at that.
I didn't have to pay to view it, and it's not a semantics issue. It's straight up brainwashing.
Well, given that Canada is a centre left country and the US used to be a centre right country, and there are no communists to speak of in either country, and both parties in your country could not be more different. Nor could the 5 federal parties in Canada be more different. It kind of puts the lie to all of your conspiracy theories about one party rule across North America, New World, order, and other craziness.

I don’t know any woman who wants to live in a nation where the president says. He doesn’t care what happens to the women. The states can do to them what they want. Women want healthcare when they’re pregnant and they’re tired of watching their friends and their family members being turned away from doctors and hospitals, while trying to start a family.

You’ve gone too far and there are 8 million more female voters than there are men. Republican women get pregnant and have miscarriages just like women who vote Democrat.

Even before Roe v. Wade, if a woman went to the hospital hemorrhaging from a miscarriage, the hospitals treated them and took care of their miscarriages. Doctors won’t even see a pregnant patient anymore because they’re afraid that if she miscarries they’ll face criminal charges for assisting in an abortion. Emergency departments are turning away women who come in hemorrhaging, sending them home until their lives are seriously in danger.
You’re a fucking loon. Where the hell do you come up with this stupid shit.

First of all nobody starts a family at an abortion clinic.

Second, no woman having a miscarriage is being denied medical care.

Third, doctors aren’t refusing to see and care for pregnant women.

You’re a fucking moron.

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