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  • Hey Asshole, keep fucking with my alert box, I don't give a damn about scumbags like you, and I don't care how many childish and stupid comments you make. You only prove one thing, you're a biddable fool.
    For someone who only began posting here in Oct. you've proved a number of things:
    You're a cowardly asshole;
    You are piece of human excrement;
    You are dumber than a box of rocks;
    You are a stupid asshole;
    You are poorly educated and uninformed;
    and, you don't have a life, strongly suggested by the number of posts every day.

    Thus, you thrive on Thanks from other biddable fools such as yourself.

    Oh, and I pity you.
    1,931 times you have pushed the funny button. The only conclusion to be drawn is you lack the intelligence, education and decorum to post a civil expository rebuttal.
    Welcome to the USMB... I'm liking what you're offering up, just remember to keep smiling, I hope you stick around Nostra...
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