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KESC always select the resident of SOLDIER BAZAR for long hour load shedding?


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Mar 4, 2011
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Karachi, Pakistan
KESC always select the resident of SOLDIER BAZAR for long hour load shedding as punishment ?
I want to share our KESC load shedding problems which we always faced but on Sep 10, 2011 when raining starts that KESC sudden stop power supply at after noon aprox 4.00 PM and again power restore at 8.45 PM in night after ( 4.45 Hrs ) load shedding.

More interesting to share on Sep 11, 2011 Sunday load shedding begins from 11.15 AM and last upto 4.15 PM ( 5 Hours ) and than our building ZAINABIA HOUSE, Soldier Bazar, Karachi phase is coming very low power that reasons people can't on TV or Computer or doing Iron etc, Even I try to call 118 and want to registered complain with KESC but Since Saturday and till Sunday midnight it is busy? What reasons asked the KESC management with the complain center to provide data how many you people have received complain during 2 days?

Before this regular load shedding from 12.30 at after noon which last for 1 hour, my question from NEPRA chief and KESC chief why our area always select for long hours load shedding any special reasons for doing a unique punishment which is totally injustice and who gave authority to mis-use power in the shape of making additional load shedding.

KESC give two types of torture and tension to all consumers in Karachi

1. Un-schedule load shedding
2. Abnormal power billing

But do not dare or punished those consumers who are using KHUNDA connection are consider the real loss of KESC but what reasons KESC management silence which I understand they have own interest that is why do not take any action from ill-legal users

When today ( Sep 10,11) try to dial 118 and want to lodge complain for 4.45 hours load shedding in our area * Soldier Bazar * but surprise the phone is continue busy but the question is who is taking or phone is intentionally keep down or how many complain calls received during from 4.00 PM to 8.45 PM collected data from telephone exchange to get facts and figures.

I pray to God send all people to HELL at your earliest without wasting an additional minute and do not give further spare time not from KESC but all Govt. department from Pakistan where corrupt, dis-honest and not sincere staff perform duty and make a bad habit to do client or consumer work when get advance reward * service money which is know as bribe are BLACK sheep

Appeal to Governor of Sind, Prime Minister of Pakistan which year Pakistan will over come from load shedding crisis which is the single Muslim ATOMIC country who still canÂ’t over come from power crisis this is to be consider a joke or a shameful activity but who decides.

How long KESC will continue step mother relation with us and sucking our left blood?

Thanking You.

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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