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  • We chewed the same dirt. Seems like most of the country are sheep and mushrooms. I try and be the best sheepdog I can, only to realize dogs aren't exactly the best communicators. Glad you made it back.
    Thanks. Honestly, I am very much a moderate and simply wish for polite debates without the nonsense that most in here stoop to.
    I am by no means a "moderate", I vehemently oppose the left. In fact exposure on forums like this have made me as mean as a hungry chained up pit bull in Michael Vic's basement. I enjoy insulting leftists. I once was one of them. You can't take politics seriously. I do find it cathartic to vent frustration with people who do appear to be vacuous drones though.
    Thanks williepete.

    Probably the one thing I never seem to stop having to say is for people to do their research. I am so sick and tired of people who spout out nonsense because it is what they think is true, without ever bothering to check the facts at all.
    Thank you for your posts. They are informative and backed up with good links. I thank you for serving our beloved country.
    What? I'm supposed to be impressed by your avatar, with you in military garb? I'm not. Many who serve in combat, are predisposed to violence and mayhem, and come back to law enforcement, where they can exercise their demons, on minorities. Sick, if you ask me.
    I do respect your service in utmost regards....Men of men...nevermind the flake on my board. They're are just ignent peeps and don't respect your service let along how to wipe there collective asses.

    Danke to you and your family.
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