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Josef Mengele today


Sep 14, 2011
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Cruel medical experiments on prisoners are carried out in Georgian prisons by the order of the government. This information I received from reliable sources that asked not to be named. For all that, the main Caucasian democrat Saakashvili dreams about laurels of Josef Mengele. This is a rather strange dream for a person, who suffers from Huntigton chorea: if he came to the hands of Dr.Josef, he would be devitalized as genetic garbage. Also I’m very concerned about the US position relative to Georgia... As far as I know, on the 9th December,1946 the USA initiated the trial on persons, who carried out such "medical" experiments. Today the United States support countries (read Georgia) which set up such inhumane experiments. Don’t you think Saakasvili must be judged? It was he who had run up a Hakenkreuz under "the flagship of Caucasian democracy". So, I give you a link (geworld . net/en/politics/277 . html) to keep me from being unfounded.

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