Foley and the Blame Game


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Jul 11, 2004
October 1st, 2006
Pardon me, but I smell something very peculiar in the way we have learned of the disgrace of Rep. Mark Foley.

The email scandal which led to the resignation of the Republican Congressman is reverberating throughout the capital and the nation, as Democrats attempt to capitalize on bad news for Republicans. The seamiest of the released emails, which Foley has not denied, are right up there with Rhodes Scholar and Illinois Democratic Congressman Mel Reynolds’ taped phone conversations lusting for 15 year old Catholic school girls in their uniforms.

But Democrats are attempting to make hay by alleging that the Republican leadership may have known about the inappropriate emails and covered them up for months. Their hope, no doubt, is to discourage turnout by disillusioned evangelical and other voters sensitive to moral issues. But the emerging background detail suggests that this is simply not the case, and that an attack strategy has been devised by parties anxious to damage the GOP and swing the coming election.

In July a blog appeared, designed it said to trace sex predators. Few posts were made in that month or the following month. All recounted years old stories. Then on September 18, the blog printed the fairly innocuous email exchange between Congressman Foley and an unnamed page.In this correspondence initiated by the former page, Foley asks the former page how he is after Katrina (the boy lived in Louisiana) and asked for a photo. Thus began the latest political kerfuffle which swirls through the final five weeks of the campaign. How likely is it that this site with virtually no readership , few posts and hardly any history or posts of interest suddenly receives this bombshell? I’d say slight. About as likely as Lucy Ramirez handing Burkett Bush’s TANG papers. Let’s track back what else we know of this story. Sometime last year a former page contacted the St. Petersburg Times with an exchange of emails between himself and Congressman Foley. In the words of the editor, they never ran the story. (The following has been realeased by the office of the Speaker of the House, but does not yet appear online at the time of this writing.)The rest at the site. This has been going around for a couple of days now...
This story is absolutely ridiculous. This a perfect example of the double standard that liberals never see. And the worst part about it is that because we have an election coming up, even the Republicans are sounding just like liberals.

Foley resigned immediately 6 weeks before an election. Anybody remember the governor of New Jersey who got caught harassing a state employee? A state employee whose job he got at the direct intervention of the governor who then harrassed him? A Democrat who came out as gay, then resigned his office, but it wouldn't be effective until MONTHS later AFTER an election.

Gee. The Dems didn't seem too perturbed about that, did they?

The only difference between McGreevey and Foley is that Foley is ashamed of himself. McGreevey stayed in office long enough to skew an election, and he wrote a book about it.

Un. Fucking. Believable. No, it isn't.

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