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Counting The Days


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Feb 20, 2015
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Sun, Sand And Palm Trees
Just sitting back counting the days before rioters go to jail, not protesters mind you but rioters. Arsonists, looters and sidewalk sh#tters. You know those therapy dog hugging safety pin wearing safe space demanding pussy's of the left.

They support the will of the people as long as its their people, and many as you can tell both here and in real life are a bit butt hurt. Many of these MIS-informed poorly educated sissy britches are blaming Trump for the riots and not stopping them. What we are seeing is just the first round of open lying by the sissy's.

Trump is NOT president yet and has ANYONE seen Obama step off Coon One and call for a stop to riots? They ARE his supporters. Anyone seen Clinton sober up long enough to call it to an end? Sanders has gone so far as to call for more claiming this is the START of the revolution. Does socialist Sanders even know communist Clinton beat him?

The next thing the liberals will complain about is how we are rounding them up and putting them in jail. As they think looting and arson are protests not crimes they WILL complain of course and we are better off to ignore them. Maybe after they rot in jail for a while they will decide just getting a job was smarter.

The first skirmish is over, we won at the ballot box so now the lines need to form for the second battle. Trump can go after rebuilding the economy and his AG can go after the Clintons. If Obama pardons one Clinton go after the other. After the Clintons you got Huma, Holder and Lynch and a host of others.

The POTUS does not have to be directly tied to their trials, convictions or sentence. He only has to put someone in charge of it who knows what they are doing. And we have more then a few folks that could do that. SCOTUS picks are going to leave them screaming as PRO-God PRO guns and PRO country take first chair.

When they whine simply ignore them, had Americans WANTED their input their direction then Americans would have put them in power. Rounding up ILLEGALS is really not going to be that big of a problem. You just cut benefits off to all non citizens. NO food, shelter or medical benefits at all.

America said they were done with them at the ballot box. They are sniveling for attention. They are not worthy.


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