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  • Don't post to any of my threads.

    You are the biggest moron on the board and when you post....the thread loses credibility.
    Thanks Franco HFW . Hope you have a great holiday season , late Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year. Let me know if you're serious about setting up sustainable health care that works. I'll write you into the budget proposal to Trump and Cruz to create jobs separating the plans so they don't impose on members of the other beliefs. Take care and have a great 2017!
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    Hopefully Trump is smart enough to just add more competition in the exchanges etc (as he said) and goes after COSTS. Without mandatory joining in, none of it works, of course. Happy holidays!
    Grab a cup of coffee 'cause this is gonna be a long list.

    Huffington post calls on Eric Holder to resign over chronic abuse of authority - Democratic Underground

    Huffington Post: Holder Must Go! | 2012

    Huffington Post: Time for Eric Holder to go | News OK

    Huffington Post: Time for Eric Holder to go : Libertarian

    » Huffington Post joins the wingnuts, turns on Eric Holder - Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion
    what's purchasing power's what ever is left in the check after taxes, taxes on tires, taxes gas, taxes on communication devices regardless of the level of entertainment, taxes on power gas utilitity to pay support there union work.
    Hey dickweed,

    Learn how to debate. You are really a sad example of our education system gone wrong.
    you are not REALLY serious, right? i mean, no one can really mean all the stupid shit you excellent troll!!
    Hello Warsaw! I have been trying to find you for a few months now . . . even starting threads / posting on the old MSN message board. Flying Horse was looking for you and I wanted to invite you to our proboard, Crap, the Name Escapes Me - Home

    There's probably a lot of posters there you'll know. It's not a very busy board on the whole but it's doing better than most proboards. I know Peg would love to see you there, as would some others. There are some UK posters there as well.

    Come join us.
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