Are Voter Registration Drives Effective?


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Jun 7, 2015
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North Carolina
Are voter registration drives effective? They seem dumb to me. If a person is too lazy to register to vote themselves then they will be too lazy to vote. Registering people to vote is pretty dumb. It wastes time and it clogs the voter registration roles. Why do so many people think this is important?

Am I the only one that sees registration drives as stupid? You can register to vote 260 days a year all year long. If you are 30 years old then you have had 3,120 chances to register to vote. It is extremely obvious to me that you don't care at all. Why would I waste your time and bully you into filling out a form. If you didn't care enough to find the board of elections then you won't care enough to find your polling place.

Can somebody explain this to me? So many people say that voting is your civic duty. As a military veteran that offends me. You have absolutely no duty to vote. We live in a free country. Am I the only weirdo that thinks freedom is more important than forcing uninformed apathetic citizens to endanger our democratic process? If a person doesn't care enough to register to vote and they somehow make it to the polls then they aren't going to care enough to be informed about the candidates. They are going to mess things up. Leave them alone. Let them enjoy their freedom of not voting.

Lord Jesus. Somebody help me understand this stupidity.

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